11 January 2018

The minutiae of Jagran Lakecity Business School: Dr. Nilesh Khare, Director, JLBS

Jagran Lakecity Business School (JLBS) is a flagship business school at Jagran Lakecity University (JLU). While JLU, via its School of management, has been offering management education for the last 4 years, JLBS’s arrival underscores greater ambition to build an internationally benchmarked business school. And we have been evolving in that direction.
Thanks for inviting me to share our journey via Lakecity Brew. This is a great way to reach out to a larger JLU community and the outside world. I would like to share a few specific areas where we have made a good beginning.

Pedagogical Benchmarking 
Starting in Jan 2018 we are emphasizing greater use of benchmarked and innovative pedagogical practices in management education. Adoption of Smart AI Books on Learning Management Platform from the world leading publishers, a greater use of case studies including from Harvard, group assignments on real world problems and presentations, and frequent interactions with industry experts are likely to provide needed impetus on rich content, and experiential and applied learning so often missing from Indian management education system.

Student engagement
We strongly believe that students at JLBS are apprentice managers and business leaders. We are moving to practices where most of our initiatives on ground would be lead, delivered, and even conceived by student teams. This offers students great opportunity to be responsible, plan in real task contexts, run operations, face uncertainties, and experience and demonstrate leadership. Experiences such as these will help students discover hidden talents, build confidence, learn from failures and grow. This would be good on their CVs, help them tell great authentic stories in their job interviews, and make them attractive to employers. I am very proud of our student team that recently delivered very well on what they called JLBS Reboot, 2018— introduction to even semester, new initiatives, and changes at Jagran Lakecity Business School. Student placement and Industry relationship team has also taken its role to the next level. Of course we do have individual achievers from academics, to entrepreneurship, to sports.        

Executive Functioning and Employability
While the JLBS makes its best efforts and has been increasingly more successful in attracting companies for internships and placement, we recognize that students’ interests and their careers go beyond the first job available from campus. We are explicitly focusing on building executive functioning capabilities that help select and monitor behaviors that facilitate attainment of goals and employability. This will help our graduates in succeeding beyond securing a job on campus in whatever they would choose to do from entrepreneurship, running their family businesses, to building a meaningful career as a professional manager/leader. Shift in conversation from mere campus placement to Executive Functioning and Employability has begun to help students take the ownership of their CVs—portfolio of knowledge, skills and experiences they would accumulate during their time at JLBS. Mentoring process is based on executive functioning approach and helps students recognize their goals and work toward them in supporting and encouraging environment. In addition to in curriculum regular classes for Career Enhancement, students now have access to services from external partners to hone soft skills and capabilities such as business English, Reasoning, and Quantitative Skills.  Among others, JLBS has also brought in Chicago Based firm that uses AI enabled custom Learning Management platform that focuses on improving scores on placement tests. It also strengthens executive functioning.

Exposure, Out-reach and Capability Augmentation
We are very proud to share that our Board of Advisors now includes very imminent academicians, and industry leaders from USA, India and a few other parts of the world. Over next one to two years, JLBS stand to greatly benefit from active and deeper engagement with the board members. 
We are also in the process of setting up Board of Studies and faculty mentor panel that would include people of competence from academia and industry primarily from India and USA to help us with curriculum and program design and develop our faculty on an ongoing basis.  
We are actively looking at augmenting our faculty strength. We are very excited to share that some of our visiting faculty members from this semester would bring significant real life work experience as business CEOs from India and USA. We expect quality faculty to join our ranks as full time or at-least in adjunct capacity in coming months.       
Our out-reach efforts have begun to show some real engagement on the ground that would offer international and quality domestic exposure to our community. We recently hosted a short visit of cultural student exchange team from Missouri, USA. We are looking forward to more student and faculty exchange programs and International Immersive Degree programs in partnership with institutes such as University College London.
Working longer, harder, and smarter
JLBS realizes that if we were to set stretch goals and achieve them we need to work longer, harder, and smarter. We now have extended timing from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm for our regular classes. A good management education program is not a 9 to 5 job for either a student or a faculty. We have shared break from 12:45 pm to 2:30 pm for common activities and industry interactions. Our alternative working Saturdays are marked for FDPs and research. Research focuses on faculty and Ph.D. students, but it is open to all. We are very proud to be a part of JLU. It allows us to dream big. JLU offers us great support. We hope to make it proud of us too. I hope to continue to share our journey as we march on. Lakcity Brew you are doing an awesome job. Keep up the good work. Thanks a lot for the invite.

Reminiscence: Jagran Lakecity University’s Alumni Meet 2017

It is true that the best moments of one’s life are those that miss out of the camera lens. A college more than being a place of education is a bag of memories, unaccounted and raw. It was a walk down the memory lane, just that the lane was a different one. The same bunch of college friends, just the spirit was a little different. For giving such a dose of nostalgia, college wasn’t such a bad place after all.

The second alumni meet of JagranLakecity University was a bitter-sweet affair where the alumni of JLU Bhopal enthusiastically took part in an evening of reliving old days. 16th December 2017 saw Sayaji hotel, Bhopal flocked with the alumni of JLU Bhopal in the spirit of remembrance.

The students were welcomed by Dr. Vivek Khare, Dean Academics, JLU Bhopal with an opening remark. He was delighted to announce the formation of the JLU Alumni Association. The association shall be looked after by the JLU management for the initial two years, post which, the key members will be elected through poll. The students were ecstatic on being a part of an evening that most closely resembled their college days only in a more fun filled environment.

The evening started with cool games played amongst the students before dinner. The most liked prop on the venue was a special wall that became a favorite selfie point for the students. The bonding of old friends over food and music was a heartwarming sight. Also, the teachers were overjoyed on meeting their old students. It was definitely an evening to remember seeing old pals reunite and listening to old tales re-narrated.

India needs institutionalized reforms in ADR regime: Thomas P. Valenti at Jagran Lakecity University

Being a country of more than 1.2 billion, India sure has some staggering man power to account for the lacking. However, with a greater head count come greater disputes. The Indian Judicial system since its inception has taken several measures to improve its efficiency. However, there are some things better settled outside the line of litigation.

Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) refers to a variety of streamlined solutions used to resolve a conflict as an alternative to the formal legal system. The formal legal systems though effective have a huge number of cases pending. Also, not everybody can afford the time and funds required to bring a court proceeding to its final hearing. This is a condition worldwide, not just limiting to India. ADR has proven to be and extremely effective alternative to the formal legal system as unlike a normal court proceeding, it is taken care of with a comparatively very small amount of time and money.

The early 1980s saw a sudden increase in the number of cases being addressed by ADR. In 1999, the Indian Parliament passed the CPC Amendment Act of 1999 inserting Sec.89 in the Code of Civil Procedure 1908, providing for reference of cases pending in the Courts to ADR which included mediation.  The Amendment was brought into force with effect from 1st July 2002.

For making our students aware of the latest developments in the field of ADR, the Jagran Lakecity University Schoolof Law extended a warm welcome to an internationally renowned arbitrator and mediator Mr. Thomas P. Valenti for an interactive session with the students and faculties of JLU School of Law. The session was aimed at enlightenment of the faculties about the latest amendments in the ADR regime and its effects on the course of judgment. Mr. Valenti shared his vast experience as an internationally renowned arbitrator in the form of experiences that he gained along the way. He was delighted to know that the JLU School of Law had already established an ADR cell that would work on imparting practice based knowledge in ADR related aspects.

As an end note Mr. Valenti expressed his delight on being invited to Jagran Lakecity University and the interactive session with the students. The session ended with concluding remarks by Prof. (Dr.) Yogendra Shrivastava, Director, JLU School of Law who expressed his gratitude to Mr. Valenti for taking out the time to share his valuable experience with us.

Women’s Rights are Human Rights: International Human Rights Day celebrated at Jagran Lakecity University

The debate over equality and the rights at the disposal of every human being just by the virtue of being one has been going for far too long. There have been endless discussions over women rights and that women need to be treated equal to men. Just for this one time, let us skip the bigger picture and get into the details of what these rights comprise.

The term feminism has often been made similar to man-hating and therefore the people actually responsible for gender inequality hide behind the terminology. Feminism by definition means “the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities.” Every person out there who misinterprets feminism for its exceptional favor to the female gender needs to understand that it actually means for a woman to be treated ‘equal to a man’ and not ‘like a man.’
Equality does not mean assuming the physical strength of a woman equal to that of a man but the right to earning equal wages to that of a man and having an opinion equally important as that of a male member of the team.

On the occasion of International Human Rights Day, the Jagran Lakecity University organized a one day workshop on ‘Women’s Rights are Human Rights.’ The workshop was conducted by Madhya Pradesh State Human Rights Commission in collaboration with JLU School of Media and Communication. The Chief Guest for the event was Smt. Archana Chitnis, Minister for Women and Child Development. The workshop was attended by various dignitaries including Justice J.P. Gupta, Madhya Pradesh High Court, Jabalpur and Vice Chancellor Jagran Lakecity University, Prof. (Dr.) Anoop Swarup.

This workshop has been organized by the Madhya Pradesh State Human Rights Commission at various universities in M.P. an integral part of which is the elocution competition. Many students took part in the competition at JLU Bhopal and shared their views and ideas about the women’s rights and human rights in general. Amongst all participants across all colleges and universities, Sumaira Yasin, a student of Journalism and Mass Communication at JLU School of Media & Communication was adjudged the winner and received the certificate from the Chief Guest, Special Guest and the Vice Chancellor of JLU.​

Hustle! Hit! Never Quit! National Westzone Football Tournament (M) 2017 at Jagran Lakecity University

The game that has us sitting on the edge of our seats in a nail biting experience had taken the Jagran LakecityUniversity campus by a storm. The National Westzone Football Tournament 2017 was a sight that treated its viewers with an adrenaline kick.

A sport is not just about the fancy aspects of it. What seems like a child’s play on field is actually years of training paid with sweat. What seems like running around with ball for 90 minutes is actually 90 minutes of extreme concentration, skill and team work that leads to victories.

The National Westzone Football Tournament 2017 at Jagran Lakecity University saw a massive participation with over 57 teams coming in to participate in a week long tournament. The opening ceremony took place on 21st December 2017 that was graced by various dignitaries including Prof. (Dr.) Anoop Swarup, Vice Chancellor, Jagran Lakecity University, Dr. Vivek Khare, Dean Academics, Dr. C.A. Gurudath, Dean Academics, Chief guest, Mr. G.K. Shrivastava, President, District Football Association, Mr. Abhishek Mohan Gupta, Pro Chancellor, Jagran Lakecity University, Mr. Pankaj Das, Deputy Registrar, Directors, Faculty members and students of Jagran Lakecity University.

The week after 21st December saw teams battling against each other to qualify for a spot amongst the top four in a knockout tournament. Victory means nothing if obtained painlessly. The top four teams then played against each other to claim the spot that said ‘first’. The gold medal was bagged by Lakshmibai Institute of Physical Education, silver medal was bagged by Shivaji University, Kolhapur, bronze medal was bagged by Jagran Lakecity University, Bhopal and the consolation prize was awarded to University of Mumbai. The medals were awarded by Mr. Abhishek Mohan Gupta, Pro Chancellor, Jagran Lakecity University during the closing ceremony on 27th December 2017

12 December 2017

The LOGISTICS of my success story: Shranay Khattar, Bachelor of Management Studies batch of 2017, Jagran Lakecity University

While pursuing a degree of Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) at Jagran Lakecity University, I undertook an internship at a contract manufacturing plant of Proctor & Gamble. This was a golden opportunity for me to take an experience into the practical world. Once I started the internship, I was first given an overview of the entire process of their work and then was asked to pick up a department of my choice to work under.

Since I always had a keen interest in the field of logistics, I choose the Logistics and Inventory department. This gave me a chance to learn the inside acts of the trade. I started gaining first-hand experience on how logistics has to be managed at a plant which handled an average of around 75 loading and unloading activities in a single day. It was not just the loading and unloading that I was made to study but there were several other parts of logistics like handling the inventory, bin card entries and the role of logistics in the production process which were a part of my training. I was made aware of the terms like WIP, DFC, P Codes etc.

While working there I was asked to make a research project by the representatives of Proctor and Gamble and thereafter I started closely monitoring and studying the pattern of their trucks, the processes of their receiving and the processes related to their dispatches. After observing the above mentioned areas for a specific time, I found out that there could be few changes that I could bring about in their loading and unloading department which in turn could lead to saving costs for them.

I then made a Cost Saving Project and presented to their team of logistics. In this Cost Saving Project, I increased the time their trucks took for the complete process of loading and unloading and reduced the number of trucks that were hired by them. I then increased the rounds per vehicle per day. This reduced the hiring cost of trucks for them and gave each truck a better turnaround time for the entire process. There were also certain conditions that I recommended for all three parties involved in this process which included ones for the WIP team at Proctor and Gamble, the Transporter and also the Logistics team at the Contract Manufacturing Site. After the final calculations of cost saving, my model was able to cut down costs by 33.33% for them.

This Cost Saving Project was appreciated by the authorities at Proctor and Gamble. In my study at Jagran Lakecity University, we were given a lot of case studies and were asked to identify and give solutions to the problems of the case. This way of teaching made me study situations from a rational point of view, identify problems, and then find solutions for the same. This came to be of great help to me when I started my internship at the contract manufacturing plant. I owe a sincere gratitude to my faculties at JLU Bhopal for the enriching and deep learning that they endowed upon me.

Eating is necessity, but cooking is ART: Super Chef Junior at Jagran Lakecity University

Gone are the days when cooking was just limited to household kitchens in the hands of females of the family. In the world today, cooking has taken the form of an art, the art of expression through food.

Aimed at unleashing the hidden chefs among young individuals and providing new horizons to their careers, the Jagran Lakecity University School of Hospitality and Tourism organized a three day event, Super Chef Junior 2017.

The event was judged by Chef Rakshit Suman (Executive Chef, Noor-Us-Sabah) and Chef A. K. Singh (HOD, IHM Bhopal) in what proved to be a battle of flavors among young chefs participating in a total of 50 teams.

28th November was day one of the competition where the participants had to carve out a three course meal (one Starter, two main courses with one accompaniment and one dessert) out of their chosen ingredient. Five teams were shortlisted for the finals based on the points scored by them namely Delhi Public School, Bhopal with 93 points, Eastern Public School with 88 points, team 10 from Delhi Public School, Bhopal with 88 points, Daffodils higher secondary school with 83 points and Kendriya Vidyalaya (2) with 83 points. Day two of the event held on 29th November saw similar enthusiasm where 28 teams from different schools of Bhopal competed against each other to gain a spot amongst the top five teams.

The total of ten teams, shortlisted over two days were then subjected to the next level of the competition on day three, the finals. To increase the difficulty, this time the teams had to prepare a three course meal out of the ingredients available in the pantry provided to them. Planning out an impromptu meal out of unknown ingredients was the ultimate test for the participants. However, there were many delicious dishes presented by the teams including veg cutlet (with semolina), chilly paneer, pasta, chicken cheese balls, mushroom magic, sushi, lazeez-e-paneer, chicken popcorn & chocolate heaven to name a few.

There can only be one winner but in the spirit of competition, a series of dishes came out that displayed exceptional passion and unbounded imagination of the young participants. DPS, Bhopal took the winning spot whereas DPS, Kolar and Eastern Public School, Bhopal stood at the 1st and 2nd runner up positions respectively. The Valedictory Ceremony was graced by Prof. (Dr.) Anoop Swarup, Vice Chancellor, JLU Bhopal, Dr. C. A. Gurudath, Dean JLU, Bhopal, Dr. Vivek Khare, Dean, JLU Bhopal, Dr.  T S Bisnoyia, Director, School of Engineering and Technology, JLU Bhopal, and Dr. Rajesh Yadav, Director, School of Management, JLU Bhopal.