10 October 2017

Feminism isn’t about making women strong, it is about changing the world’s perception of strength: Raising awareness at Jagran Lakecity University

Having bagged endless accolades in the fields of education, architecture, agriculture, engineering and what not, the one thing that still remains under developed is ‘Woman.’ The term ‘Woman’ not only represents the female gender, but the million voices muted under the weight of inequality. It represents numerous little girls, the one who never reached the gates of a school, the one who was married at a minor age and then forced to bear children, the one who was mocked at for being too educated to find an eligible groom, the one who chose to let go of the taboos of the society to keep her head high, the term WOMAN isn’t just a word, it is an emotion with the depth of an ocean.

To honor the contribution of women to the society, the United Nations SDG 5 works towards achieving gender equality and empower all women and girls by the year 2030. Though 47% of world leaders speak in favor of female reservation in corporate sectors, the fraction of women actually working on top and mid management levels is less than one third. The condition is far worse in politics where only 23.4% of national parliamentarians are women, when 39% countries in the world have female quota for parliament. Going down to the grass root level, for every dollar earned by a man working as labor, a woman makes just 77 cents while handling three times more responsibilities than men, including cooking, cleaning and taking care of the children.

To address the issue at a student level, the Jagran Lakecity University in collaboration with AIESEC Bhopal organized a quiz for the hostelers of JLU Bhopal on ‘Women Empowerment’ on 21st September 2017.  The students were selected in teams of two with a total of six teams. All the rounds were elimination with one simple rule ‘the answer to every question should be a woman or a thing done by a woman.’ The quiz was followed by a group discussion round where a platform was provided to the students for portraying their thoughts on the present condition of women in the society. Surprisingly, the discussion saw great male participation where the students spoke about their outlook of women empowerment while the women threw light on their daily encounters in a patriarchal society. The whole event was an initiative by the Social Volunteering Community of Jagran Lakecity University that was aimed at engaging the students in a fun activity while emphasizing the dire need of women empowerment.

7 October 2017

Travel. Enjoy. Respect: World Tourism Day 2017 celebration at Jagran Lakecity University

We weren’t blessed with mobility to spend all our lives in the same place.

Travelling isn’t just about visiting new places, it is about discovering them. We come across different people, cultures and cuisines when we step foot outside of our zone. The journey often isn’t about discovering spaces, but about discovering self. Being introduced to oneself, when looked at from a different perspective is what tourism is all about.

To celebrate the joy of travelling, the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) declared 2017 as the ‘International year of sustainable tourism for development.’ Tourism isn’t just limited to the visual aspects of a new place, but also ethical. In honor of the wide cultural diversity presented to us, the theme of this International year of sustainable tourism for development is ‘Travel. Enjoy. Respect’ UNWTO is a United Nations agency in charge of promoting sustainable tourism in the world aimed at inculcating peace and harmony while endorsing economic and intellectual growth.
The year 2017 is special because of the key roles associated with its declaration. This year is aimed at promoting the role of tourism in these five major areas:

·       Inclusive and sustainable economic growth
·       Social inclusiveness, employment and poverty reduction
·       Resource efficiency, environmental protection and climate change
·       Cultural values, diversity and heritage
·       Mutual understanding, peace and security

Under the framework of UNWTO, the JLU School of Hospitality and Tourism joined the rest of the world in celebrating the ‘World Tourism Day’ and more specifically ‘Travel, Enjoy. Respect’ while centering the campaign at Madhya Pradesh. Various segments of the event focused on the key cultural and ethical aspects of Madhya Pradesh. Several interesting competitions such as culinary presentations, exhibitions, itinerary making, creative poster making, traditional attire, and a cultural program of traditional dances of MP, highlighted the beauty of the ‘Heart of India.’

The event witnessed a massive participation from colleges like Institute of Hotel Management (IHM), Bhopal, Oriental College and People’s University. The Chief Guest for the event was Mr. Vishrut Acharya, General Manager, Commercial (Northern Region), Air India and other guests of Honor were Mr. Sharad Nautiyal, Joint Managing Director, MP Tourism and Chef Suman Rakshit, Executive Chef, Noor-Us-Sabha Palace Hotel. The students had an amazing opportunity to learn from the experts while being judged at the various competitions. The winners were as follows:

Exhibition Competition
Team- Chanderi (SOHT, JLU Bhopal)

Culinary competition
Team- Shubham Umre & Shubhashu Soni (IHM Bhopal)

Itinerary making
Team- Mohit Janyani & Sakshi Vijayvargiya (IHM Bhopal)

Poster making
Ashwini Acharya (People’s University, Bhopal)

Simran Bakshi (SOHT, JLU Bhopal)

Traditional attire
Female- Meryam Qureshi (SOHT, JLU Bhopal)
Male- Asim Saeed Khan (Oriental College, Bhopal)

They say GAME OVER, I say NEW GAME: LAN Gaming 3.0 at Jagran Lakecity University

“Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master.” Following this quote, spending time online is starting to become a taboo in the society. Parents often are stressed about the amount of time that their child spends glued to the computer screen. Funnily, online gaming is not as corrupt as they say it is. In fact, research proves that it has more benefits than negatives. Helping in overcoming dyslexia, boosting careers, socializing, improving decision making, reducing stress and addressing autism are some of the major positives of spending time with the gaming console.

In the spirit of addressing some of the stress-busting aspects of online gaming, LAN Gaming 3.0 was organized at School of Engineering and Technology, Jagran Lakecity University. Aimed at providing the students with an outlet to the gamers in them, this event taught the participants, enhancement of concentration power and reaction time with the glory of the digital world.

The competition was structured in two categories; Counter-Strike (CS) and Need for Speed (NFS). The students registered online and got to be a part of the contest on a first come first serve basis. In a fury of adrenaline, 15 teams battled against each other for the impressive cash prize waiting on the other side. The server configuration and live telecasting of various rounds was technically implemented by the students of JLU, School of Engineering and Technology (SOET).

Winner – Counter Strike
Team Name Neon5
Team members:
1.      Aditya (PCST, Bhopal)
2.      Abhay Shrivastava (TIT, Bhopal)
3.      Shiram (BSSS, Bhopal)
4.      Shrajan Jain (TIT, Bhopal)
5.      Abhinav (BSSS, Bhopal)

Runner-up – Counter Strike
Team Name Deciders
Team members:
1.      Ayush Gupta (SOET, JLU Bhopal)
2.      Abhishek Mishra (SOET, JLU Bhopal)
3.      Jitendra Kashyap (SOET, JLU Bhopal)
4.      Saurabh Bakshi (SOET, JLU Bhopal)
5.      Subham Yadav (SOET, JLU Bhopal)

Winner – Need for Speed
 Sameer Kushwaha (LNCT, Bhopal)

Runner-up – Need for Speed
Abdul Samad (SOHT, JLU, Bhopal)

From newbies to rubies, it all started here: Fresher's Welcome 2017 at Jagran Lakecity University

Maybe it wasn’t so much about making new friends as it was about leaving the old ones behind.
Maybe it wasn’t so much about fun as it was about breaking the habit.
Maybe it wasn’t so much about fashion as it was about saying goodbye to the old uniform.
Maybe it wasn’t so much about growing old as it was about growing up.
Because maybe, just maybe it wasn’t about events all along, but a beautiful confusion called ‘Life’!

Entering college after leaving school, the one place that witnessed the transformation of a toddler to a young adult is a feeling that most people would define heart-rending. Travelling from a place that felt home to an alien environment is what the beginning of college feels like when suddenly things that went ignored start making a huge difference. The price of the canteen beverage that used to be negligible now becomes a luxury. The special dress for a special occasion that was once economic now becomes expensive. When the comforts of a home are compromised for the independence of a hostel, such is college life. 

We at Jagran Lakecity University understand the massive change that a student goes through when entering a completely new territory in life. As a ritual, we welcome our students with a Fresher’s Welcome, where an interactive session is conducted between the existing and new students along with fun activities to make the transformation easy for them.

The fresher’s Welcome at various Schools of Jagran Lakecity University was an exciting affair that left our new students with a bitter-sweet sense of stepping into something new while leaving something behind.

26 September 2017

Under the wings of K.T.S. Tulsi, I learned flight: Nimish Arjaria, student of BBA LLB (Hons), Jagran Lakecity University

23rd October 2016 was the day that I can consider as life changing, being awarded the best adjudicator at Lex Bonanza Festival, Indore Institute of Law by none other than the legend of law, Shri. K.T.S. Tulsi was a turn that shot me miles up in one go.

Shri. K.T.S. Tulsi is a Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India, Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha and former Additional Solicitor General of India. He is counted amongst the top five lawyers in India and often praised for his concern regarding the environment. At the age of 76 he rides his bicycle to the parliament sessions and has the highest attendance.

I applied for my internship in the month of April and without much waiting, the application was approved on 21st April 2017. I joined the chamber on 1st June 2017 along with eight other interns and was awestruck with the kind of complex cases that Shri. K.T.S. Tulsi handled with utmost patience and ease.

After researching a case thoroughly, we got the opportunity to be a part of the court hearings. Being under the wings of a legend and listening to his seamless arguments was a lesson that no amount of books could teach me. We also met clients and became a part of the case research. However, the best part of my internship was lunch with Shri. K.T.S. Tulsi during which, he talked about his unique angles of looking at a case and research facts. He also kept us updated on news from around the world as a way of teaching the importance of knowing your surroundings well.

As an additional privilege of interning under a lawyer who is also a Rajya Sabha member, we had the opportunity to visit the parliament and meet the Joint Secretary, Shri. J. Sundriyal. We witnessed discussions regarding parliamentary affairs and questions, committee meetings on various issues, government programmes and schemes and a lot more.

The internship taught me more than I had assumed it would. Being under the constant presence of Shri. K.T.S. Tulsi passively taught me the minutiae of being a world class lawyer. I owe a sincere gratitude to the Jagran Lakecity University for granting me this opportunity. A special thanks to the Director, Shri. Yogendra Shrivastava and all the faculties, School of Law for showing unwavering faith in my capabilities. A huge thanks to the person who made it possible, our CEO Mr. Abhishek Mohan Gupta. Without his untiring efforts, this internship would have been a dream for me.

25 September 2017

A home away from home: Thrue-Bab, a Bhutanese festival celebration at Jagran Lakecity University

Blessed rainy day, locally known as Thrue-Bab, is an indigenous Bhutanese festival, celebrated in no other place in the world. It is believed that on the day of Thrue-Bab, the rain is sanctified by the cosmic Buddha Mahāvairocana. Taking a cleansing bath from the divine rainwater collected overnight is therefore thought to purify all defilement and bad karma of a person. The festival, marking the end of farming season and start of harvest season is also called the gateway to other festivals in the Bhutanese calendar.

The essence of this festival is derived from Buddhism, where the belief that sacred rainfall happens when planet Rikhi coincides with the crown of the Buddha statue at Rirab Lhuenpo. The planet in its orbit takes seven days to pass the Buddha statue, hence the celebration of ‘Blessed Rainy Day.’
On the eve of Thrue-Bab, buckets are kept on rooftops to collect the sacred rainwater which is later on used by the whole family to bathe. Other attractions such as camp fire and delicacies such as suja and thukpa are enjoyed by the families to honor the final rains.

Miles away from their homes, our students celebrated the ‘Blessed Rainy Day’ at Jagran Lakecity University. The event was highlighted with an authentic Bhutanese platter, prepared by the students, courtesy of the University’s mess. It was a great opportunity for the students of JLU Bhopal to witness one of the national festivals of Bhutan while also tasting their colorful cuisine The main ingredient of which is Emaa Kamm (dry chilli). Other delicacies on menu included; Emadatsee (national dish of Bhutan), Kewaa Datsee (potatoes with cheese), and Thupp (porridge). 

Having students from different cultural backgrounds as classmates is always a learning experience that makes one grow intellectually. Jagran Lakecity University is a home to an amazing ethnic diversity, where culture forms a bridge rather than a barrier between students.

Our students learn values of life that travel beyond boundaries and help them build a character that is appreciated worldwide.

19 September 2017

"Your fiction is someone's reality": Novoneel Chakraborty at Jagran Lakecity University

Dropping out of college to follow his dream, earning the tag of a bestselling author just within the first few months of the release of his first novel ‘A thing beyond forever’, and writing the bestselling ‘Stranger Trilogy’ are all accolades bagged by Mr. Novoneel Chakraborty.

Novoneel is an Indian author and script writer who specializes in ‘Romantic Thrillers.’ To his credit he has numerous works including the novels ‘That Kiss in the Rain’, ‘How about a SIN tonight’, ‘The Stranger Trilogy’, ‘Black suits you’, and television series ‘Million Dollar Girl’, ‘Secret Diaries’, ‘Twist Waala Love’ and many more.

15th September, Friday saw Novoneel at Jagran Lakecity University Bhopal. The occasion was the launch of ‘Kaun ho tum ajnabee’, the Hindi translation of ‘Marry me stranger’ originally written by Novoneel Chakraborty. The event was organized by the ‘Reader’s and Writer’s Community’ of the University.’
‘Marry me stranger’ is the story of a 22 year old girl from Kolkata named Rivanah Banerjee. Just after completing her engineering, Rivanah lands up a job in Mumbai. Everything from her job to her love life is perfect until she starts receiving anonymous texts, often threatening, from a stranger who frequently repeats three words, “know your worth.” The journey ahead for Rivanah is the journey of discovering her true self while destroying the notions of ‘what is important.’

Novoneel also engaged the students in an interactive session while answering their questions about the story. Writing as a profession is very unconventional especially story-telling, “It is WE who put a limit to our imagination, deciding what reality is and where in lays fiction. Your fiction however can be someone’s reality, it is only that you are unaware about it. Whatever your mind can create, is possible somewhere in the world.” were the closing words by him.

Having written eight popular books at the age of 29, Novoneel Chakraborty is a youth sensation and hence the book launch proved to be an inspiring session for the students of Jagran Lakecity University where his insights on ‘success’ and ‘the power to influence’ were key topics of discussion.