12 June 2018

From the Director's Desk: JLU School of Humanities and Arts

From ancient times to the present technological era the field of Humanities & Arts has provided a deeper understanding of human life and its changing dynamics. This understanding enables us to build intellectually vibrant and inclusive society where every individual can flourish in a constructive manner. We, at Jagran Lakecity University are firm believers that there is no greater purifier on Earth than knowledge and with this basic philosophy in mind we strive to keep the beacon of knowledge illuminated.

Being a fairly young school, we are on a fascinating path of learning, growth and development and as a result of our incessant tendency for hard work we have already carved our niche in the arena of Humanities and Arts. In this endeavor the biggest contribution has been of the highly trained, motivated and empathetic faculty members of the School.  The students here expand their horizons by engaging themselves with various disciplines like Psychology, English Literature, Public Administration, Political Science, Social Work and Sociology which helps them in preparing for an increasingly multicultural world.

We believe in a knowledge-centric and student centered approach. The course structure is designed in a manner which complements this approach and encourages students to reflect upon the multiple nuances of human society and the relevant contemporary developments affecting it. We adopt multiple teaching and learning methodologies like case studies, live projects, internships, exposure visits, expert lectures/talk, roundtables, workshops/seminars, etc. We have successfully organized various international conferences, workshops and seminars which have tremendously helped in the holistic development of the academic quotient of the School.

We in the JLUSchool of Humanities and Arts groom our students to be contemplative and thinking individuals. We give this thought process a practical shape by enhancing the skills of the students in the art of observation, description, synthesis, analysis and interpretation which they organically acquire while pursuing a degree in the field of Humanities & Arts. The honing of these skills help the students to both identify and succeed in the appropriate professional arenas. We are engaged in the path of academic excellence and hereby invite you to join us in this exciting and glorious journey.

Dr. Ruchi Sharma
Director, JLU School of
Humanities and Arts

Go Unconventional: Break the trend, choose from soul-satisfying options of job

Though the basic structure of the human society works on the concept of money, there has been a recent paradigm shift in the kind of jobs people have begun preferring, specially the youth. The youth that was motivated towards making big money until recently, has started realizing the importance of ‘satisfaction in what you do’ as a vital parameter to grade their options on. This is apparent in the trends we see in the job sector. Though clich├ęd options ranging from a career in the technical or medical field are still found in majority, humanity driven practices are blooming now more than ever. The feeling of ‘doing something for someone who can never repay it to you’ is the core theory on which the feeling on immense satisfaction stands. The soul reason for this is that the field deals with the study of human kind, starting where it all began (History) to how the society works around us (Political Science) to understanding the world that we live in (Geography) and to making the most of our lives on this planet (Psychology). Here is a list of 11 unconventional job options that are high paying as well as soul-satisfying.

1.  Civil Service: Hailed as a highly prestigious profession, it is one of them most preferred fields which students opt for. The students of Humanities & Arts get an advantage in the examination as they are well aware with the intricacies of society, politics, governance and administration.

2.  Policy Analyst: The students use their cognizance of understanding the policy formulation process and the legislative mechanisms and help in devising a sound thesis for or against the formulation and implementation of a particular policy.

3.  Jobs in the UN: With an increasingly globalized world, importance of the United Nations is also increasing. People with a humanities and arts background are highly sought after in this organization in various capacities. 

4. Public Administration Consultant: Various professional firms and also government agencies seek the help of independent consultants who suggest policy and procedural recommendations. Independent consultancy is a growing and preferred field which offers ample professional freedom. 

5.   Education Administrators: The increase of education as one of the largest growing field, various institutions and the government now need qualified education administrators who can provide instructional leadership in the day to day functioning of the educational institutions and also help in bridging the thematic and structural gaps. 

6. Intelligence Analyst: With the growing volatility worldwide, clandestine organizations are in need of more and more people who have a sound knowledge of the larger political mechanism both at the national and international level. A sound understanding of the political atmosphere helps these organizations in formulating the right methods and tactics. 

7.   Public Relations Specialist: No sound initiative will be successful without effective communication with the public. It is in this sector that legislators, government representatives and other organizations need the help of qualified and trained people who have the skills of influencing public opinion but deploying the art of persuasion. Organizing press conference, drafting the entire module of public statements and press releases, etc. are part of the job profile.

8. Clinical Psychologists: Clinical psychologists focus on diagnosis and treatment of mental, emotional and behavioral disorders.

9.  Personnel Psychologists: Personnel psychologists work at developing the organizational climate and structure while working at bettering interactions between the employer and the employee.

10.  Consumer Behavior Analysts: Consumer behavior analysts conduct market research while using principles of psychology and marketing to understand the psyche of the consumers.

11. Psychological Well being Practitioners: Psychological well being            practitioners are trained to provide support to those with common mental health problems while patients learn to manage their own recovery process.

Now that the unconventional options have been sorted out, there are some questions that need to be answered before you can make up your mind to pursue the field of humanities. We have it all covered here.

Why Study Humanities & Arts?
1.     It primarily develops ability for critical thinking in a tremendous manner and thus helps professionally in a big way. 
2.  The so-called scientific techniques and knowledge have a standard shelf life, while mastering in the field of humanities provides with tools for extending it.
3.   Despite scientific advancements we largely still live in a service economy which demands a huge amount of human element which is well trained.
4.  It develops and strengthens the basic quality of communication which is fundamental for any job.
5.   It helps one to integrate information, ideas, and opinions from a variety of sources and perspectives which is highly required in today’s professional world.
6.   The broad spectrum of the field of humanities and arts provides one with a larger sense of mobility within disciplines and resultantly an interdisciplinary approach which is much required in today’s world.
7.  It equips one with the understanding of the socio-political trajectory on which all other developments are dependent.
8.    It allows one to interpret the world in multiple ways and thus equips one to take up multiple shades of professional responsibilities.
9.   It makes one realize that the so called dichotomies between humanities and science are artificial and actually they are mutually supportive of each other at a higher stage.  
10.  It equips one with the necessary qualities to function on a multi-cultural   forum which is the reality of most professional arenas both in terms of     human resource and issues dealt with.

So if you are fascinated with the way the human society interacts, the idea of human cognition and the multiple nuances of human society, then a degree in Humanities and Arts is right for you.

Why study Humanities & Arts at Jagran Lakecity University?
Because it:
·    Cares about the holistic development of the student: Here the pedagogy and the course structure is designed in such a manner that the student gets a fine taste of both the theoretical intricacies of the discipline and also the practical side of it. One of the primary aims is to make students better writers and analytical thinkers.
·     It does not confine teaching and learning within the four walls: Here one of the major components of teaching is introducing the students to the real-world experiences which boost their understanding of their respective disciplines. This helps in making themselves highly marketable in the job market. 
·    Introduces the student to multiple disciplinary perspectives: In tandem with the notion of ‘liberal arts’, the course provides students with an opportunity to engage with various strands of Humanities and Arts which helps them in acquiring a well-rounded and flexible personality.
·       Has a scientifically designed course structure: 
Because the course is designed in a scientific manner where in the initial phase it starts with the fundamentals of the discipline and gradually progresses to engage in multiple dimensions in the field of Humanities and Arts. This course nurtures and seeds within them a conscious and informed approach towards the notion of socio-political and administrative culture. The major features are of the course is that it is:  
Is Job Centric: It will help them in competing for various competitive examinations (including Civil Services), give them a push in the policy analysis sectors, entrepreneurship and to be efficient academicians. 
Is Intellect Centric: It will help them in developing their analytical skills and intellectual quotient by minutely deciphering the layered meaning of the issues dealt in the subject.
Is Citizen Centric: It will help them in becoming better, responsible and conscious citizens.

·        Has a pro-active approach of teaching through mechanisms like:
Organizing Guest Lectures
Collaborating with civil society organizations
Organizing Training Sessions, Workshops, Conferences and Seminars
Volunteering and Social activism

10 June 2018

Placements 2018

Our promise to the society of providing quality education and to ensure that our students attain excellence, above all, was apparent during the placement season this year.

JLU witnessed the presence of reputed companies like Cavin Kare, Fleishman-Hillard, JW Marriott, The Leela, S&P Global Intelligence and numerous others during the campus placement drive. The number of companies visiting JLU have increased multi-fold when compared to previous years. It was amazing to see that each of our eligible graduates have at least 2 offers in hand to choose from. These Jagranites have graced reputed designations in leading companies across the industries.

The placements this season is testimony to our focus in bringing paradigm shift in higher education and to continue the legacy of excellence.
Name of Student Course (Full Name) Placed At

Devyani Saxena

Bachelor of Management Studies

Jaro Education, Mumbai
Chetna Dagar B. Tech - Computer Science Certination Solution & Services, Noida
Anvid Dubey B. Com (Honours) Ways2Capital, Indore
Meghna Singh B. Com (Banking & Finance) Ways2Capital, Indore
Yashraj Khalko B. Com (Banking & Finance) Ways2Capital, Indore
Natasha Shrivastava BBA Equity Pandit Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.
Mohit Pandey BBA Equity Pandit Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.
Payal BBA Equity Pandit Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.
Jai Singh Verma BBA Ways2Capital, Indore
Nishtha Keswani BCA Equity Pandit Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.
Kartik Khare B. Tech - Mechanical BookMyColleges.com
Pragyanshu Paradkar B. Tech- Computer Science Equity Pandit Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.
Nitigya Vaidya BBA BookMyColleges.com
Sajal Saxena BBA BookMyColleges.com
Arpit Guru MBA - Marketing Cavinkare
Jagpreet Aujla MBA - Marketing Cavinkare
Jayesh Shingane MBA - Marketing Cavinkare
Mohd Umar Farooq MBA - Marketing Cavinkare
Rushabh Bhardesai Shah MBA- Marketing Cavinkare
Sarang Pathak MBA - Marketing Cavinkare
Ishita Chaturvedi MBA - HR Skillventory
Sumit Kabulashi MBA - Marketing  CapitalAim
Aamir Zaidi MBA - Finance HDB Financial Services Pvt Ltd
Gaurav Motwani MBA - Marketing CapitalAim
Juhi Shrivastava MBA - HR  MP Agrotonics Ltd.
Latika Hatvalne MBA - Finance S&P Global Market Intelligence
Piyush Yawale MBA - Marketing  HDFC Bank
Rahul Patel MBA - Marketing  CapitalAim
Ruchika Kanungo MBA - HR Equity Pandit Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.
Yash Maheshwari MBA- Finance  CapitalAim
Vijay Taurani MBA - Marketing CapitalAim
Jasmine Varghese MBA- Finance  S&P Global Market Intelligence
Aayush Jain BMs Equity Pandit Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.
Amit Kumar Pillai BMS  CapitalAim
Ashraf Ahmed BMS  CapitalAim
Aman Aggrawal BBA Equity Pandit Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.
Harsh Manshani BBA Equity Pandit Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.
Lakshya Verma BBA Equity Pandit Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.
Radhika Goyal BBA Equity Pandit Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.
Rahul Lilwani BBA Equity Pandit Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.
Vishal Bharadwaj BBA Equity Pandit Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.
Prateek Malviya MBA - Finance HDB Financial Services Pvt Ltd
Shiby Velji MBA - Finance Muthoot Finance
Bhaskar Dandotiya MBA - Marketing CapitalAim
Rohit Nandan pandey MBA - Finance Muthoot Finance
Anand Sharma MBA - Marketing CapitalAim
Ankit Soni MBA - Marketing Muthoot Finance
Aman Tripathi Narad MBA - Finance Muthoot Finance
Huma Naz MBA - HR Muthoot Finance
Sarah Iqbal MBA - Finance Muthoot Finance
Shruti Maheshwari MBA - HR Muthoot Finance
Nikita Sharma MBA - Finance CapitalAim
Sidra Arif MBA - HR CapitalAim
Nitesh Kundnani MBA - Marketing TATA ClassEdge
Nipun Vishnoi B.Tech - Mechanical Majestic Basmati Rice Pvt Ltd
Gradesh Patidar B. Tech - Computer Science iNSPiRE Apple Store
Shivani Mitra B.com (B&F) Jaro Education
Apoorva Gupta BAJMC (Adertising & Public Relations)  UCID
Krati Shivhare BAJMC (Adertising & Public Relations)  Fleishman Hillard
Minal Borkar BAJMC (Broadcast Journalism) ETV Bharat
Minal Rai BAJMC (Broadcast Journalism) ETV Bharat
Shivam Dubey BAJMC (Print Journalism)  ETV Bharat
Vishaka Ranglani BAJMC (Advertising &  Public Relations ) CRM Services
Akansha Gour B.Sc. Hotel Management Indo Thai Airways 
Anshul Raghuwanshi B.Sc. Hotel Management The Leela Goa 
Arun Thakur B.Sc. Hotel Management The Leela Goa 
Baljeet Singh Bhogal B.Sc. Hotel Management The Leela Goa 
Chakshu Maharishi B.Sc. Hotel Management The Leela Goa 
Chitransh Sahu B.Sc. Hotel Management Four Points By Sheraton Jaipur
Deeksha Shrivastava B.Sc. Hotel Management JW Marriott Jaipur
Harsh Sinha B.Sc. Hotel Management Holiday Inn Jaipur
Harshal Mungre B.Sc. Hotel Management The Leela Goa 
Himanshi Tomar B.Sc. Hotel Management The Oberoi Rajvilas
Iqra Azim B.Sc. Hotel Management The Oberoi Rajvilas
Kunal Khurpia B.Sc. Hotel Management The Leela Goa 
Madhumita Das B.Sc. Hotel Management  Hotel Jehnuma Bhopal 
Meghna Sharma B.Sc. Hotel Management The Leela Goa 
MohdSanaullah Khan  B.Sc. Hotel Management The Leela Goa 
Mohit Kanthwal  B.Sc. Hotel Management The Leela Goa 
Palash Singh Gusai B.Sc. Hotel Management The Oberoi Rajvilas
Paridhi Upadhyay B.Sc. Hotel Management The Leela Goa 
Pratish Tiwari B.Sc. Hotel Management The Driftwood Resort 
Rajeev Bhatt B.Sc. Hotel Management Holiday Inn Jaipur
Sandeep Singh  B.Sc. Hotel Management The Driftwood Resort 
Sarthak Sharma  B.Sc. Hotel Management The Wellington Raipur 
Sharukh Hussain B.Sc. Hotel Management The Leela Goa 
Sherya Gupta B.Sc. Hotel Management The Leela Goa 
Shikha Motwani B.Sc. Hotel Management The Leela Goa 
Shivam Dale B.Sc. Hotel Management Holiday Inn Jaipur
Shrenik Mehta B.Sc. Hotel Management The Leela Goa 
Shubham Nagar B.Sc. Hotel Management The Leela Goa 
Shubham Singh B.Sc. Hotel Management The Oberoi Towers Mumbai 
Simran Bakshi B.Sc. Hotel Management Radisson Blu Faridabad
Somya Shabani B.Sc. Hotel Management The Oberoi Amarvilas 
Stalin Morgan B.Sc. Hotel Management Radisson Blu Faridabad
Vikram Singh  B.Sc. Hotel Management The Leela Goa 

8 June 2018

13 reasons why Humanities and Arts is the latest trend

In a world of conventional courses with tall skyscrapers; Humanities and Arts get dwarfed by many reasons. Mostly it’s the esteem of the white, blue and pink collar workers in the offices functioning from 9AM to 5 PM. Others are plain jealous of the freelancing artists and philanthropists who bask in the full frontal newspaper coverage while they are boxed in cubicles. A lot of people are of the view that Humanities and Arts discipline does not need a lot of effort from the muscles of the brain and just like the concept of ‘Any Body Can Dance’, anybody can study Humanities and Arts. While it may be more rewarding to study a technical course, it goes without saying that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Humanities and Arts is a diverse discipline with a huge range of subjects, namely; English Literature, Psychology, Public Administration, Political Science, Social Work, Sociology, and History to name a few. Studying them helps one excel in forms of expression and communication in myriad platforms which can be intermingled with other disciplines of Engineering, Management and Commerce etc. Science fiction writing is one such example of amalgamation of Humanities and Arts with Science. Here are 13 reasons to choose Humanities and Arts as your Undergraduate or Postgraduate discipline for a bright future.


1. ‘You only need to find yourself, everything else can be Googled’

As you progress in your career and perhaps move into a management or senior role, you’ll often be expected to make difficult decisions and work in high-pressure environments. The way that you react in these situations is the key to the success of your career.
Having an understanding of your own personality and an insight into your own behavior can give you a unique perspective on a workplace project or role. Using your knowledge of psychology and behavior to recognize and acknowledge the underlying reasons and theories of these traits can allow you to work more successfully in these different environments.

2. ‘Personality has power to uplift, power to depress, power to curse, and power to bless’
Your dressing sense, body language, expressions etc apart from your choice of words speak volumes about you. If you study psychology, you can predict an abnormal behavior in others and even understand the motive of criminals.
Having a degree in Psychology and specializing in various streams can help you understand a market for sales, pick the right kind of content for advertising, treat a patient with an illness and even write plots for movies and shows for particular audience.

3. ‘Good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity’
Communication serves as the foundation of any interaction. Effective business transactions, effective leadership, effective planning and management; all take place because of knowing what to say and write. Teaching communication skills to corporate offices and firms has emerged as a high paying profession for a Humanities and Arts graduate.
A sound knowledge of language comes from reading literature and refined language through a thorough practice of writing. When enhanced, multiple errors in communications can be prevented. English trainers with an impeccable grammar are also highly sought after by various competitive exam training centers.

4. ‘There is nothing to writing, all you do is sit by the typewriter and bleed’
If you have seen certain soaps on the television or the internet and have appreciated its lazy writing or felt amazed at the plot twists, thank the stream of Humanities and Arts. Script writers of the most famous movies, serials and shows take inspiration from literary novels and dramas.
Writing the scripts is a challenging occupation as not just good communication is at play but also the interest and the psychology of the viewers have to be kept in mind. The characters also need shaping and evolution and this can be done with inspiration from the pioneers in the field of literature.

5. ‘Step into a scene and let it drip from your finger tips’
Did you know that your favorite video game had a plot and the characters have different personality and even back stories? Video game writers are part of the design team, during pre-production, and create the main plot of a video game but can also focus on the dialogue, the character creation.
During the game development process, the design may change and a video game writer can also be asked to fix the eventual narrative issues. It is different to writing scripts of movies due to technical reasons but is extremely high paying and a fairly recent field.

6. ‘We blame society, but we are society.’
Society is the largest organization of the individuals and has its own problems in every field. The study of society contributes to the formulation of social policies which required certain amount of knowledge about that society.            
In India, the solution of the problem of extreme poverty requires from the sociologists primarily an investigation of the facts such researches undoubtedly influence social policy. If the society is to develop and prosper, the study of society is must for politicians, administrators, social reformers, students and           teachers.

7. ‘Some people are so poor, all they have is money’.
Have you ever blamed social institutions for any social construct and have debated on the ways things can change? Sociology has analyzed the causes of the many maladies of society and suggested the means for curing them through study of the great social institutions and the relation of the individual to each of them.
Sociology makes a reader up-to-date to various social predicaments. Sociology makes a reader up-to date in group behavior and also guides an individual how to stroll along with the society. Thus the, study of sociology keeps its reserved place in the life of individual since it contains various information about social behavior.

8. ‘If something can corrupt you, you are already corrupted?’
An interest to influence change in the community through a government job can be attained through the study of public administration. Public administration jobs require strong leadership skills and profound knowledge of policies.
Many jobs in public administration involve working with governments and large companies to create policies that increase efficiency and provide for the greater welfare of their communities. The gateway for this lucrative dream is the detailed study of this discipline to prepare for high score in various civil services examinations.

9. ‘Politics is not a game but a serious business’
Studying political science can open up a wide range of job opportunities in both the public, private, and not-for-profit private sectors. It’s a living breathing subject that changes and revises itself every day. You can’t get bored of this subject as it is always in the limelight.
Political science cannot just help you vote better but also secure jobs with the government, corporate offices etc to help shape policies for as important issues as salary structure of employees to policies to provide employment.

10. ‘The best way to find your self is to lose yourself in the service of others’
Social Work is all about understanding and striving to improve the lives of people in society. Social workers listen to people's needs, from young children to people struggling with addictions, and help them to cope and improve their happiness.
 Community service managers who can manage orphanages, old age homes and other government and non government organizations are in great demand. This is an unusual and unconventional occupation for the change makers.

11. ‘In order to succeed, we must counsel ourselves to ‘we can’ mode.’
With mental health problems an ever-present issue for an unfortunately large proportion of the population, Counseling is as important a profession as any. A counselor is trained to listen with empathy and to understand the problems of the patient.
This occupation is a much sought after due to boom in the alarming rates of suicides and hate crimes. More so the taboo of going to a counselor is fast decreasing and any and every kind of counselor is a much sought after person.

12. The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.’
Teaching is a noble profession and if done correctly can nurture the future of a country. Teaching at any level, be it Montessori, junior school, senior school, college or university; can be fulfilling and highly paying.
It however also requires the highest amount of qualification for even the basic entry level jobs. A lot of nongovernmental organizations seek volunteers for teaching underprivileged kids and adults in rural areas that adds challenge and satisfaction to the resume.

13. ‘Travel broadens the mind and widens our horizons’
If you have always harbored the dream to travel and earn handsomely from it as well, travel blogging is your escape. Some food and travel channels and websites pay well to have some associates travel, eat in luxurious hotels, ships, restaurants etc and write critically about them in paid or individual blogs.    
Writing the blog to make it an attractive read needs literary skills and cognition that can be achieved by the study of Humanities and Arts.

The study of Humanities and Arts, if done passionately and chosen whole heartedly can lead to a very fulfilling life. It is as rewarding as you can make it with your dedication and most importantly there is no limit to it as it can be mixed with various other disciplines and create an entirely unique mix. Hence chose your passion, chose Humanities and Arts and chose to be unconventional.