18 August 2018

Industry Stalwarts Descend at Jagran Lakecity University

  • Justice D.M. Dharmadhikari, former Judge, Supreme Court of India and former Chairman, Madhya Pradesh Human Rights Commission.
JLU School of Law welcomed the batch of 2018 to Jagran Lakecity University in an Orientation Programme. It was an exaltation to have Honourable Mr Justice D.M. Dharmadhikari, former Judge, Supreme Court of India and former Chairman, Madhya Pradesh Human Rights Commission, reverenced as the Chief Guest. In his discourse, he laid emphasis on the need for good lawyers in a modern democratic society like India. He urged students to enter the domain of legal and social research for giving a constructive output of their education to the nation. 

His words of reason and purpose enlighten the students to stand against errors, encouraging them to pave their way through prejudices with resolution.

  • Chef Vivek Saggar, Head – Business Development, THSC
The JLU School of Hospitality & Tourism welcomed its first batch with an Orientation Program on 27th July 2018. It was a matter of immense pleasure and pride for the University to have Chef Vivek Saggar, Head – Business Development, THSC venerated as the chief guest for the event. His passion for creativity in the culinary space has guided him to be committed to food education, nutrition guidance and culinary refinements for over two decades. Chef Vivek, who hails from Delhi, studied hotel management from Institute of hotel management, Ahmadabad and worked in NCR for ten years in various hotels and restaurants as a Trainee before moving up the culinary ladder to start Food Art. In his speech, he bequeathed the difference between a good chef and a great chef, stressing over being passionate about your area of interest and just the right amount of culinary practice, of course.

Networking & procuring such fruitful insights from a noted food connoisseur charged the students with great fervour to begin their journey with.

  • Mr Kamal K.M, Noted Filmmaker

The Kerala-based independent filmmaker/Writer, Mr Kamal K.M, was honoured as a guest speaker at Jagran Lakecity University on August 3rd'18 for the induction held for the new batch School of Journalism and Communication. Widely known for his work at the Deauville Asian Film Festival for his Hindi/English gritty thriller I D, he spoke about how the world could become a better place, only if one would introspect and surface stories that are genuine and has the element of surprise. Followed by a peek into in his own life and struggles, from growing up in Kerala to working in a news agency, changing lanes to generating interest in independent cinema, thus developing his own scripts and successfully producing a non-budget film, it was solely his passion for filmmaking which fuelled his drive to create. 

The interplay turned out to be a great success as the students listened with great zeal and enthusiasm, learning the significance of quality cinema, and how it acts as a double-edged sword from the valuable insights of the speaker.

  • Mr. Advait Kurlekar, CEO & Founder - Upohan Consulting
Jagran Lakecity Business School welcomed its fresh batch with an Orientation Program on 06th August 2018. It was a homage for the University to have Mr. Advait Kurlekar, CEO & Founder, Upohan Consulting, Ex. Executive Director of Cedar Consulting, IIT B and SP Jain Alumni, revered as the Chief Guest. In his speech, he conversed about the misconceptions regarding start-ups and busting certain myths concerning a business plan. How it isn't just stressing just on about the financial plan, but including founders, team profile, the uniqueness of your product or service and market attractiveness. Understanding the flow of cash, and your target audience is vital in any business and so should be your business strategy. He pressed on having a worthy SWOT analysis, which could literally save many from the hit and trials.

Such valuable insights made the students nod in curiosity, elevating their interest and readying them to create their own success story.

  • Mr. Sameer Dad, Olympian, Senior Assistant General Manager, AIR, Bhopal
The JLU School of Sports Science and Physical Education welcomed its first batch with an Orientation Program on 6th August 2018. It was an honour for the University to have Mr Sameer Dad, an Olympian and Senior Assistant General Manager, AIR, Bhopal, venerated as the Chief Guest. Sameer is a field hockey forward from Bhopal, who made his international senior debut for the Men's National Team in January 1998 during the test series against Germany. Dad represented his India at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia, where India finished in seventh place and scored two goals in the tournament. In his speech, he approached the students and prompted them to utilize the fantastic amenities at Jagran Lakecity University to the absolute and pursue their interests with resilience. 

It was his words of wisdom and courage, which left the students with confidence and spirit to take on the world in all its glory.

Appetite Gets Spiced Up!

Following the Chancellor's address, the faculty and the staff showed up for the inauguration of the renovated 'Appetite: the university's cafeteria & mess' on August 4th 2018, where Shri Hari Mohan Gupta, Chancellor JLU, Shri Abhishek Mohan Gupta, Pro-Chancellor JLU, Prof. Dr Anoop Swarup, Vice Chancellor JLU honoured us with their presence for the occasion.
The cafeteria remained closed for a while in order for the work crews to equip the dining hall with new furniture, and a modern layout, among other upgrades. JLU felt that it was critical to provide a friendly space for students, with top-notch food quality and a hygienic environment where they can socialize while they eat. 
The Appetite's renewal deems for only half the excitement. The icing on the cake for cafeteria goers is JLU’s new contract with several food joints to provide a fresh menu for the cafeteria and the mess as well as catering for luncheons and special events. 
A sunny, bright day during the first week in August was the perfect backdrop for the inaugural run, where cold beverages and warm foods left a mouth-watering experience for the people gathered. The response from the Lakecity community towards the cafeteria and mess has been positive. The upgrade has not only spiced up the menu but brought a whole new dining character to space. And with such triumph, JLU look forward to serving better.

JLU - Melting Pot of Various Cultures

Jagran Lakecity University understands that you've travelled far from home, culture and your comfort zone. Hence, it ensures to provide you support by providing an amicable environment to learn and thrive.

Like a moth to a flame, JLU has attracted many students from foreign lands. Counting on to former students’ enrollment from different countries, many new students are joining from countries like Namibia, Germany, Nepal and Bhutan. Programmes like Applied Economics, Computer Science, LLM (Cyber Law & Cyber Security) etc happened to be in a hype this year. As we have outrun the rate of admission of international students to the foregoing year; we are positive regarding more numbers adding to it in the coming years.

Talking about preference for JLU, a fresh student from Namibia, Godfrey Haixuna says, “
My friends who were already studying in Bhopal in a different University suggested me to join JLU. I got a wonderful feedback from them and I decided to apply here for MA Applied Economics. I was very happy when I got my selection letter. I got a warm welcome when I came to the University. People here (JLU) are very helpful and friendly. The infrastructure here is absolutely stunning.” An affirmation, undoubtedly because of the cultural diversity at the university. Among coherence are the views of Anthony Thomas Plath from Germany, Kedar Ghimere of Nepal and countless others.

JLU strive to preserve its vast cultural diversity. It is no rocket science that as much as students learn in their classrooms, they equally learn via interplays and communications outside it, and this diversity encourages them to quaff how to sort similar intricacies through different perspectives. Furthermore, the rise has been noted vied to former years, the interest amongst the foreign students to explore educational opportunities in India has increased immensely.

Albeit, what held different this year is JLU’s outreach in more states and countries, along with stepped-up endeavours to reach students. There's an increase in the number of inquiries from abroad for undergraduate/post-graduate degree programmes at JLU since its commencement. This accomplishment has signified a major step towards fulfilling the university's goal of providing education as per international standards. JLU also encourages the international students by coordinating events in which they showcase and share their cultures and way of living with the Indian students. These events help to support and assimilate the cultural heritage of various countries to always uphold and celebrate ‘unity in diversity’. 

JLU Begins its 6th Academic Session

Develop a passion for learning and you'll never cease to grow!

In a world full of wonder, science and conscience, he who's quick to question would be the first to grasp the concept! For not just surviving but to thrive in today's world, it's necessary to quench your thirst for knowledge and learn. We at Jagran Lakecity University, endeavour to find the prominent field experts who can bestow their worthy expertise with our students and acquaint them in the process. Such interactions aid our students in acquiring the information much easier than having to browse and assume to choose a career.

The fresh batches of JLU Bhopal are at their refining stage and associating with a field specialist enables them to discover the glimpse of the expert's life. The Key points and values lining in the books are fine but what makes the cut are the initiatives, smart work and resilience.  Accessing our students' with the professionals render them an opportunity to learn from the best from the earliest. We endeavour at giving them the solid foundation to stand with resolute. We at Jagran Lakecity University don’t concentrate on just teaching; we prosper on igniting minds and directing them to introspect, initiate and create their own ideas into existence.

Continuing the university tradition, we greet our fresh batches with an orientation ceremony. The chief guest in the ceremony is a field specialist who enlightens us with the workings of that industry. The orientation doesn't just familiarize students concerning their field but mirrors them the bare face of the industry, readying them as what to expect and how to pave their way.

The 2018 student orientation in several schools of the university unfolded successfully as the new students engaged with great zeal and enthusiasm with the experts in their field.

Annual Chancellor's Address 2018

The Annual Chancellor’s address was held at Jagran Lakecity University on 04th August 2018. The Chancellor, Shri. Hari Mohan Gupta hosted lunch for all the JLU faculty & staff members at the newly opened hostel mess and later delivered the address. Shri. Gupta congratulated the entire staff on successful completion of 5 years of the University. He recounted the accolades bestowed upon the University in the last 5 years and credited the faculty and staff members for the stupendous triumph.

Taking cue from GPS (Global Positioning System) wherein a device helps people to navigate their way to the destination, Shri. Gupta addressed the faculty members as Guru Positioning System (GPS) as it is them who help the students navigate their way to success in academics and beyond. He further mentioned that the role of the faculty members is of paramount importance in the life of the students.

Moving forward, Shri. Gupta encouraged the entire staff to keep working hard and upgrading their skills to remain competent. He said, “You are your biggest competitor. You have to beat your current self to become a better version of yourself. The reason children are more creative than adults is because they do not know what is not possible for them to achieve. Turn your Cant’s into CAN and your Dreams into Plan.” The Chancellor later revealed that he is in the process of authoring a book which should be out by October or November this year. This book is about the things that managers should know in order to succeed in workplace and life. Those tips are not only beneficial in the office but in life in general.

Shri. Gupta praised the efforts of the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. (Dr.) Anoop Swarup and read a few excerpts from one the poems written by the VC in his recently published book. He wished all the staff a good future ahead and urged them to keep pushing the limits.

4 July 2018

The Launchpad: Internship opportunities for students at Jagran Lakecity University

Though classroom forms an imperative part of a student’s life when it comes to education, the real hands on experience is what makes an efficient employee at work. Internships often go underappreciated at various Universities where the main focus is on classroom learning. Though the knowledge gained at college is of essence, it forms only the theoretical knowledge base of a student. Internships are basically an introduction for the student in the professional sector. They equip the student with the initial experience required as a launch pad in the competitive world out there. Without them, a new job will feel like an in-cope-able change bound to affect their efficiency.

Now that the importance of an internship has been sorted, let’s understand the importance of the ‘where’ quotient. Having the opportunity of being introduced to major brands and the chance to work with them is what Jagran Lakecity University is synonymous with. Here we give utmost importance to the quality of internships that we provide our students with. Our team works tirelessly towards making sure that ‘the best’ is brought ‘within reach’ for the enrichment of our students.

Here is a look at our top collaborations.

Message from the Vice Chancellor: Prof. (Dr.) Anoop Swarup

Greetings and welcome our young Jagranites!
 It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all to Jagran Lakecity University where we endeavor to bring world class education at your doorstep as you begin your new academic journey.

We at JLU follow as Swami Vivekananda said - “To accomplish great things, we must not only act but also dream, not only plan, but also believe”
It is not by accident that you have chosen to pursue your future with us for you have come to a University that has been carefully nurtured over the years and where premium is always on quality education and professionalism.

As you settle down, you will find that the world is before you. Yes, as you step into the University portals we have a wide range of academic opportunities on offer and a chance to chase your dreams and make them come true. The teaching fraternity here have been carefully chosen to make you feel comfortable not only in a classroom setting but beyond as well. It is this bond right from the first semester that sets the environment for the entire duration of your study. Here nothing stops you from pursuing your own interests; we will only be too glad to step in with our efforts to make you comfortable.

Gradually you will also realize that JLU goes far beyond academics. Our strategy is governed by 4 major goals, excellent teaching, students’ satisfaction, outstanding research and social responsibility. Thus our academic curriculum is designed to ensure the best of world-class teaching, learning, research and innovation. We have established collaborative partnerships with business, government, and other research institutions. Our endeavor is to help our students to generate innovative ideas, knowledge and skills, a pre-requisite for social benefits. This will ensure that you are not only good at academics, successful as employable graduates and successful entrepreneurs, but also responsible citizens with high ethics and social conduct.

Many of you have come not only from India but also beyond. Let me tell you, that JLU has such a rich diversity of people that makes it such a fun place to be in. I am sure you will use the occasion to enjoy newer things in life - friends, languages and food for instance! There are also numerous Clubs and the Houses – Lions, Sharks and Hawks to ensure healthy competitiveness on the campus that will enthuse and interest you. Also do step into the city to experience the rich historical and cultural heritage.

I welcome you once again to our ever expanding JLU family as I wish each and every one of you the very best.