EarnYoung – Facilitates Professional Internships

EarnYoung – Facilitates Professional Internships


According to the recent India Skills Report, 2019, 84% of Indian students prefer opting for internship training. Now, while that lone statistic sounds encouraging, the same report showcases the larger picture which states that only 37% of institutes and organizations provide internship opportunities for students.

ISR states that only 47% of the population’s workforce in India is employable, portraying the gap and the underlying issue.

The reasons are plenty, but most of them circle one major missing phase and that is an internship. It is an internship that bridges the gap between graduates and their dream jobs. From effective training and exposure to the real business world to even personal development, internships not only help build an enticing resume but also ease the transition into a full-time job.

If you are pursuing graduation and seeking an internship, where do you look for vacancies, other than individually contacting and getting in touch with institutes and organisations for an internship program?

This is where EarnYoung comes into the picture.  It is a start-up established by the students of Jagran Lakecity University that aims to facilitate and execute professional and productive internships.

By arranging paid internships to students across all industrial sectors, this platform   ooks to connect students and companies and vice versa, with the main goal of looking at providing the right opportunity to the right candidate. Thus, allowing interns to utilise their maximum potential as they seek guidance and experience to take their first step in the professional world.

Also, with EarnYoung being the middle ground, it erases the opportunity of exploitation, another reason for many students not opting for an internship. The process is not complicated either. All you need to do is register on the website, go through validation, fill a form that enables you to choose your fields of interest and that is it. Earn Young then analyses your entered data and looks to provide internships in the appropriate fields. Once you have selected from a list of opportunities, Earn Young schedules an interview with the respective company.

The prime benefits of choosing EarnYoung over other platforms include:

  1. Elimination of hoax opportunities offered to students
  2. Round-the-clock support with the constant contact with the team
  3. Versatile industry verticals to choose from
  4. Free registration and consultancy call for applicants

The platform also offers other services to registered students like resume writing,LinkedIn optimization and Image Consultancy Course that further helps you in getting your dream job. These services are intricately designed keeping into consideration the requirements of the professional world. Opting for these services allows individuals to stay ahead of the crowd. Just like EarnYoung, there has been a very impressive number of successful entrepreneurship ventures begun by the students and alumni of the Jagran Lakecity University. This is all down to the impactful practice-based pedagogy of the university which aims to bridge the gap between academia and industry.

Additionally, JLU has a 25-lakh fund to help and assist start-ups. This has encouraged students to delve into starting their own businesses. Another good example like Earn Young is ‘Taal Mell’, a sustainable-products store, collectively launched by 2 JLU alumni, to rescue and reclaim Earth by producing environment-friendly products at a modest rate.

The products range from copper bottles to eco-friendly toiletries to aromatic night candles, and the business garnered a lot of appreciation and attention this year and in February 2021 they were honoured as Swachh Bharat Ambassadors for their efforts towards eradicating plastic. These are the success stories stemming from a university that has looked to cultivate creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship among students.

Jagran Lakecity University is now reaping the full rewards as they were recently awarded the Diamond rating by QS I-Gauge, an international university rating agency, and scored a 100/100 in the entrepreneurship parameter, becoming the first university in Madhya Pradesh to receive this honour.

So, join EarnYoung today to realise and fulfil your potential and grab the right opportunity.

By- Team Communications

Jagran Lakecity University

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