Workshop on Mixology – The art of cocktail and mocktail making

Workshop on Mixology – The art of cocktail and mocktail making

Inventions and innovations play a vital part in your career especially if you belong to the food and hospitality industry. Experimenting with food is a great idea for food lovers as it brings them a taste which they would have never experienced before. A new dish comes with a breath of fresh air and you get to have something different from the regular meals.

 To embrace Indian culture, people have been intrigued by adding different methods, from time to time and this culture of ‘Crafty Cuisine’ whets the appetite with some more added flavor. Merging of different flavors into different techniques has always been in fashion and to explore more on the concept of ‘Mixology’ Students of Jagran School of Hospitality and Tourism had a workshop on this. Mixology is the art of cocktail and mocktail where you get to know not only about the drinks and their traits but also the after results of the merging of alcoholic beverages. 

The workshop was conducted by Mr. Durgesh Rai, Director – Shake and Flair Academy and Mr. Niranjan Patel, Head Faculty – Shake and Flair Academy, Bhopal.

It had four different sessions in total. Beginning with the introduction of the bar, the speakers briefed about the opportunities in the bartending profession to classification of alcoholic beverages. The second session was on making of spirits where the speakers demonstrated live making of spirit through basic pot still apparatus. 

The students were told about the difference between pot still method and continuous still method. The third session was on the classification of methods of cocktail such as whiskey sour, mojito, cinnamon sour (signature cocktail invented by Mr. Durgesh Rai). 

The workshop concluded on question and answer round where the speakers answered various questions of students and provided them with different tips to make cocktails professionally. 

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