JLU Conducted Knowledge Series Ep-7, With Mr. Ashit Kukian, CEO, Radio City

JLU Conducted Knowledge Series Ep-7, With Mr. Ashit Kukian, CEO, Radio City


On 10th June 2021, Jagran Lakecity University conducted the 7th Episode of its flagship lecture series, ‘JLU Knowledge Series’ (KS).

The JLU Knowledge Series is a pioneering initiative by JagranLakecity University to close the gap between renowned industry experts from all around the world and the students of JLU.

 KS is significantly beneficial for the students they get a platform to question, interact and learn from the best.

As an outgrowth of JLU’s 3rd Pillar, ‘Intense Industry Intervention’—JLU brings the finest from various disciplines around the world, to promote learning, and single-handedly inspire the students to grow into their idols.  

In today’s world of increasing listenership of radio and podcasts, it was an excellent idea to conduct the 7th episode of the KS with reputable Mr. Ashit Kukian, the Chief Executive Officer of Radio City, India’s leading radio network, who brings three decades of entertainment, cross-functional media, and management experience along with his wisdom of being an industry veteran, and his exceptional persona as a leader.

The session was highly interactive and our students who kept coming up with their thought-provoking and curious questions. As Mr. Kukian said, “The present generation of students is full of curiosity, insights, and insurmountable passion and desire about the things they want to follow.”  He wished that this session of the JLU KS was a real-time interactive session, and not a virtual one—as he always has massive takeaways from his conversations with the youngsters in terms of knowledge, ideas, and their contagious energy. Mr. Kukian believes that if you want to stay relevant in the media industry, you must interact with the youth on a daily; you receive more than you give.

JLU believes in the power of giving the students a platform to raise questions and become the best version of themselves by speaking their hearts and following their desires. Such interactions with industry experts are one great way to do so; build confidence and cherish connections, all while learning from the greatest of all.

When questioned about the skills and characteristics he looks for in a candidate while interviewing them for a job, Mr. Kukian mentioned that passion, curiosity, and the attitude of an individual are what get them selected.

  1.    The candidate must have a burning desire and curious to learn everything they can about the industry
  2. Their overall attitude should speak for itself.
  3. They should be ultra-passionate about the job and love working.
  4. They should be willing to don and learn beyond boundlessly as long as they are growing.
  5. They should be well-equipped with the knowledge of the current affairs of the world.

On discovering that JLU provides practice-based learning to students, and especially hearing about JLU’s very own radio station called Lakecity Voice that is a student-led, edutaining, and non-commercial IP radio station of Jagran Lakecity University in Bhopal, Mr. Kukian was fascinated. He expressed that he wished there was something like this back in his days; an amazing initiative to give the students industry-like experience while they are studying.

Mr. Kukian said that, “Students who graduated with such a level of experience during their college years have an edge over the others when going in for a job role in their dream companies. Such practice-based learning can significantly help in the development of an individual’s practical knowledge because if they have been into roles of RJs, editors, copywriters, and executives, it will take less time to train them. They have an advantage and more chance of getting selected.”

Further, as questions poured in related to graduation and how to make a career in the current competitive scenario, Mr. Kukian gave the following tips:  

  1. ·        Send emails to influential people in the industry. Make them aware of your existence.

  • ·        Put your updated resume on LinkedIn
  • ·        Make meaningful connections with everyone in the industry – via social media, conversations, etc.

·        Never be afraid of asking people to put across your resume. Look for recommendations, and then your credentials will take you further.

He suggests the students that if they want a successful career in any industry, always go after your passion. Whatever you are doing, go where your passion lies and do what makes you happy, the money, fame, and mediums will follow. Self-introspect and find your passion. Your soul will know what’s right for you. Never be afraid to change paths when things don’t feel right, and you don’t feel happy—you might start somewhere else and land somewhere else. As long as you are happy, it all counts.

As a professional, if you’re not enjoying what you’re doing if you don’t love your job, you don’t want that life for yourself. If you dread Mondays, you are not following your true calling.

“Sky is not the limit,

The limit is in our sight”

—Ashit Kukian

When asked how to keep going in the right direction, Mr. Kukian emphasized the importance of learning throughout your life. Be a learner forever and move forward; the moment you stop learning is the moment you stop growing. You know you are going in the right direction when every morning you wake up with the thought that there’s something more to what you are doing. Keep learning something new every day. No one can take it away from you.

A piece of advice from Mr. Kukian: “In the corporate ladder, the higher you are, the more empathetic you need to be.”

Keeping the current circumstances, with the COVID challenges, Mr. Kukian advises students to learn how to be patient if they want to grow in the industry. He promises that through God’s grace, everyone will be safe and the industry will flourish in no time. Just be patient and wait for opportunities. He also emphasizes the importance of using this time to empower yourself with greater knowledge and amplify your skills. Students will have companies looking for good people, so they should focus on growing stronger with skills and knowledge.

As his answer to the last question of the session, Mr. Kukian highlighted the importance of having an excellent work-personal life balance. He suggests the students and professionals attending the Knowledge Series have the discipline to have appropriate work boundaries. You must enjoy both parts of your life. Spend enough time with your family and cater to your commitments as a professional as well.

The one-hour session was spectacularly moderated by RJ Pinky, Station Head & Mentor, LakeCity Voice, Digital Campus Radio at Jagran Lakecity University, Bhopal. All smiles and good times.


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By: Diksha Pundir
Intern, Communications Team
Jagran Lakecity University
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