Turning Will into Triumph: Intra University Indoor Games 2018 at Jagran Lakecity University.


“The ultimate victory in competition is derived from the inner satisfaction of knowing that you have done your best and that you have gotten the most out of what you had to give.” With immense zeal and ardour, Intra University Indoor Games were organized at Jagran Lakecity University. The Houses; Lakecity LionsLakecity Sharks, and Lakecity Hawks competed against each other for the prestigious House Trophy in a two-day event.

The Competition consisted of popular games like table tennis, carrom and chess. All the students played their best bestowing cutthroat tactics.

Results accord as follows:

Table-tennis (Men) 

S.No.         Name of player                   House Name                Medal

1.               Akshat Nehra                    Lakecity Hawks            Gold                

2.               Parth                                 Lakecity Sharks           Silver

3.               Naman Batra                     Lakecity Lions             Bronze

Table-tennis (Women) 

S.No.         Name of player                  House Name                 Medal

1.                Dharnee                          Lakecity Hawks             Gold

2.                Priyanka                          Lakecity Lions               Silver

3.                Zainab                             Lakecity Sharks            Bronze
Carrom (Men) 

S.No.         Name of player                     House Name                     Medal

1.                Rajat Patwari                     Lakecity Lions                   Gold

2.                Shubham                           Lakecity Sharks                Silver

3.                Mohit Thakur                     Lakecity Hawks                Bronze

Carrom (Women)

S.No.         Name of player                 House Name                    Medal

1.                 Mehvish                         Lakecity Lions                 Gold

2.                 Meryam                          Lakecity Hawks               Silver

3.                 Amreen                          Lakecity Sharks               Bronze

Chess (Men & Women)

S.No.         Name of player               House Name                       Medal         

1.                 Sagar                          Lakecity Sharks                  Gold

2.                Naman                         Lakecity Lions                     Silver

3.                Akshat                         Lakecity Hawks                  Bronze

With regards to overall judgement and points gathered, Lakecity Lions were awarded as the ultimate winners of this competition.

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