Through the lens of Dean Student Welfare: Prof. (Dr.) Yogendra Srivastava, Director, JLU School of Law!

Through the lens of Dean Student Welfare: Prof. (Dr.) Yogendra Srivastava, Director, JLU School of Law!


It is an honour for me to take you through the journey that Jagran Lakecity University has undertaken in the last 5 years to achieve excellence in the field of education and research. The University is established with a clear vision “to be a leading teaching and research university of distinction that promotes the betterment of the world and welfare of our society through creativity and character building, integrity and innovation, entrepreneurship and enterprise by cooperation and collaboration”.

There is a distinct pleasure in obtaining knowledge that has the power to change the lives of others. Having strong faith in this ideology, Jagran Lakecity University has imparted learning to make young and dynamic students more sensitive to the society since its inception. The model of education at Jagran Lakecity University, which is designed with the inputs made by renowned industry experts, social leaders and academicians, involves students in activities that are significant for social awareness. In my opinion, the future of educational institution is subject to its worth in social empowerment and Jagran Lakecity University has already started taking aggressive steps by allowing students to express themselves on different forums.

Keeping the future of students in mind, the University has been encouraging students to contribute to research forums by presenting and publishing their work. This has resulted in a number of students, getting exposure to a professional environment and discourse by attending conferences, workshops, seminars etc. Through its dedicated Placement and Industry Relations Cell, the University has been working for the Career Development of young Jagranites and the impressive placement record says all about it.

We at Jagran Lakecity University, have taken a lot of care of our stakeholders and especially parents of the students who have bestowed a great amount of trust on us. Through regular interactions and meetings, parents are made aware of progressive steps that the University is taking to nurture their ward and also kept updated on their performance.

Development of a young mind to think professionally is a task with immense challenges involved. The University is well versed with the importance of this mission and has been inviting guest speakers from various domains to interact with the students on regular basis. Such lectures allow students to learn from the practitioners directly and widen their scope of knowledge.

The University campus has an enriching aura to its atmosphere. Students are getting homely environment at the Hostel with ample opportunities for recreational activities such as pro-level Sports Complex and Gymnasium with all the latest facilities. With strict compliance of zero tolerance policy on ragging, the University has nurtured a friendly and harmonious environment.

One of the most integral parts of our Campus is the Library which is having a rich collection of Books of various subjects and is also equipped with modern databases to access information at ease. The Library also takes care of the need of student by giving them enough time till late night to access the books and other facilities.

At last, I am happy to acknowledge the support of our stakeholders who have been motivating us throughout this journey and their contribution have made sure that Jagranites can relinquish any opportunity in future and emerge as an ideal citizen to the nation.      

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