The Virtual-Reality Shebang with “the Glass half full” Woman, Ms. Megha Tata

The Virtual-Reality Shebang with “the Glass half full” Woman, Ms. Megha Tata



Jagran Lakecity University proudly hosted Ms. Megha Tata, Managing Director, South Asia, Discovery, an influential speaker of contemporary times, on the 16thof September 2020. The virtually hosted session was moderated by Prof. Diwakar Shukla, Dean, Faculty of Journalism and Creative Studies, and Head, JLU Advancement and International Relations, Jagran Lakecity University, who through a set of carefully examined and handpicked questions enlightened the viewers with useful insights. During these unprecedented Covid-19 times, the session turned out to be a once-in-a-virtual-lifetime opportunity. It proved highly beneficial for all the students, especially freshers, at such a critical point in their careers.

The interactive session began on an inspiring note where our keynote speaker addressed the challenges she faced as she went onto becoming all that she is today. She recollected her varsity days where she mentioned how she could never sign up for an MBA, owing to a multitude of job opportunities. She further went on to share her learning experiences over decades of hard work. As the address progressed, she took the viewers on her personal journey of being transferred every now and then due to her father’s Airforce job that made all the difference. She suggested how beautifully blended her life had been due to her father being from Punjab and her mother hailing from Kashmir. Those years were the golden years of her life where she was exposed to the best that the world had to offer. Interestingly, this was the period where she learnt how important it is to adapt. She fixated on learning to adapt in order to grow beyond the mediocrity by remarking how “Change is the only constant”.

Talking about her early days, she comforted the audience by discussing how even she was confused just like all of us and how “It is ok to not be ok”. She asked the students to be resilient and add to their skills.

In the middle, she clearly demarcated how the institution of learning has transformed with the passage of time; from linear to digital (pointing out especially at Gen Z). Over the whole address, she kept reiterating the importance of having fun and enjoying the whole process of loving what you do. Megha’s 5 Ps were the highlight of the whole session where she brought forth Passion, Prioritising, PR, Perception, and Positive attitude. She is a successful amalgamation of each of these blended together. She further threw light on the way spirituality helped her achieve her dreams and how Sadhguru’s teachings have impacted her life.

Towards the end, she urged everyone to be open and advised them on being a student for life. She frequently emphasised on how it is a healthy practice to acknowledge one’s weaknesses. Not just that, it was morally enriching too, to have her speak about the very significance of having ethics and values (she used the example of a metaphor of being fully clad here while going out).  Her insights, while being highly relevant, were still universal in nature. Conclusively, the address was quite a student friendly that left the audience wanting more of her wonderful sessions in the near future.

And that’s how “a Small-town girl who made it in the big busy world” signed off.

To see the full episode:

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