Summer School Programmes: Study Globally with our International Partners

Summer School Programmes: Study Globally with our International Partners


Jagran Lakecity University’s Study overseas is an amazing short term experience with a long term impact. We give our students the amazing opportunity to study their June/July summer break at various summer schools offered by our partners. Getting to combine education and global travel while still in the under graduate phase is a rare opportunity and we at Jagran Lakecity University can proudly say that we offer one. It gives our students a chance to learn different cultures, make new friends and gain a competitive edge, all the while traveling globally.

The University’s global immersion program allows our students’ study duration of 2- 4 weeks with one of our many global partners. The courses are intensive modules and cutting edge thinking across a range of disciplines delivered at host university campus followed by certification in the areas like media, advertising, journalism, design, management, engineering, law & entrepreneurship etc. all for Undergraduate and Postgraduate students combined with extracurricular activities.

We can proudly say that we have recently strengthened our partnership with the University of Arts London, which has offered our students with summer school programs at the London College of Communication. 

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