Mindler Workshop organized at JLU

Mindler Workshop organized at JLU


Jagran Lakecity University conducted a two-day workshop with Minder (India)       where Academicians, Counselors and practitioners came together to understand the significance of ‘career guidance and counseling, mentoring and coaching’. Mindler is advanced career guidance platform that leverages technology, research, machine learning and algorithms to enable students to discover their unique potential. The Industry stalwarts and master trainers guided the participants on acquiring and becoming a professional career counselor through International Certified Career Coach (ICCC) certification program.
Mindler helps people to become career coaches and paves the way to guide students to build their careers in the right direction. A proper guidance can give people a wider knowledge of the aspect that one needs to know and discover their hidden caliber which can lead them to build their career out of it. 
Nowadays, students have become far more individualistic and pick a career of their choices, which in turn sometimes may not be too fruitful and they end up making the wrong choices. It is beneficial for the young minds to get proper guidance for which the schools and universities are setting up counseling cell which could guide them in a better way.
“Counseling is extremely crucial as they inspire and empower individuals to achieve their career and life goals. The well researched and proven tools developed by the expert and researchers of Mindler help people to make a certified career in career guidance. We often come across articles where the students curiously seek career advice. We at Jagran Lakecity University ensures that our students are guided and counseled extremely carefully. Through such workshops, we get a more clear idea of counseling”  shared Dr. Rolii Khare, Head, JLU center for professional skills.

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