Message from the Vice Chancellor: Prof. (Dr.) Anoop Swarup


Greetings and welcome our young Jagranites!
 It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all to Jagran Lakecity University where we endeavor to bring world class education at your doorstep as you begin your new academic journey.

We at JLU follow as Swami Vivekananda said – “To accomplish great things, we must not only act but also dream, not only plan, but also believe”
It is not by accident that you have chosen to pursue your future with us for you have come to a University that has been carefully nurtured over the years and where premium is always on quality education and professionalism.

As you settle down, you will find that the world is before you. Yes, as you step into the University portals we have a wide range of academic opportunities on offer and a chance to chase your dreams and make them come true. The teaching fraternity here have been carefully chosen to make you feel comfortable not only in a classroom setting but beyond as well. It is this bond right from the first semester that sets the environment for the entire duration of your study. Here nothing stops you from pursuing your own interests; we will only be too glad to step in with our efforts to make you comfortable.

Gradually you will also realize that JLU goes far beyond academics. Our strategy is governed by 4 major goals, excellent teaching, students’ satisfaction, outstanding research and social responsibility. Thus our academic curriculum is designed to ensure the best of world-class teaching, learning, research and innovation. We have established collaborative partnerships with business, government, and other research institutions. Our endeavor is to help our students to generate innovative ideas, knowledge and skills, a pre-requisite for social benefits. This will ensure that you are not only good at academics, successful as employable graduates and successful entrepreneurs, but also responsible citizens with high ethics and social conduct.
Many of you have come not only from India but also beyond. Let me tell you, that JLU has such a rich diversity of people that makes it such a fun place to be in. I am sure you will use the occasion to enjoy newer things in life – friends, languages and food for instance! There are also numerous Clubs and the Houses – Lions, Sharks and Hawks to ensure healthy competitiveness on the campus that will enthuse and interest you. Also do step into the city to experience the rich historical and cultural heritage.

I welcome you once again to our ever expanding JLU family as I wish each and every one of you the very best.

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