Master Class by Chef Kunal Kapur

Master Class by Chef Kunal Kapur

The very talented and nationally renowned Chef Kunal Kapur conducted a Master Class which was highly anticipated by the students and staff members of Jagran Lakecity University. 

 The highlight of the event was ‘food, Flavour and Presentation’ where the master chef threw light on various approaches of presenting food such as New Nordic, Linear and plating and saucing approach. The culinary connoisseurs spoke on the various aspects which one faces right from the preparation to presentation of fine dining cuisines.

 ‘To satiate your palate one must have proper knowledge of flavor and presentation techniques. Bring on the passion of creating exotic cuisine for palatable delight and the food which whets your appetite’ said the chef. Some of the techniques which left the students awestruck where – Wipe and Drag, The classic swoosh, Glass Bottom, Spiral, Semi Circle and Splash the sauce which were done practically by the students.

The unique collaboration of JLU School of Hospitality and Tourism and Chef Kunal Kapur will benefit students with a plethora of knowledge as they will be mentored by the chef through his special classes and visits to the university campus. Commenting on the initiative, Prof. Nafees Naqvi, Director, Jagran School of Journalism and Communication said,

 “We are delighted to have such a unique collaboration where the students will be mentored by a chef who comes such vast expanse of knowledge” Students also had question-answer round with the chef where they asked him  about  his series Pickle Nation, Curries of India and many more.
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