JLU Pinning Ceremony 2020

JLU Pinning Ceremony 2020


One hundred and twenty-Eight students across various faculty of JagranLakecity University were invested with duties as Class Representatives for academic session 2019-20. A solemn occasion, the ceremony began with the selected CRs being seated in formal blazers along with all students and members of faculty at a brightly sunlit day at lush green campus at JagranLakecity University Bhopal.

Honorable Minister for Urban Development, Shri Jaivardhan Singh was the Chief Guest for the occasion. He presented the designated students with a special recognition badge and encouraged them to continue doing the good work. He also assured support from the government in extending the efforts of the students at the University towards betterment of the student community, to the society in general so that the whole civic set up can benefit from various initiatives.

Jagran Lakecity University has a robust young leadership framework, which not only includes Class representatives system but various national & international young leadership mentoring programmes annually.
Shri. Hari Mohan Gupta, Chancellor, Jagran Lakecity University, while sharing the vision, said, “ Leaders are not made in a day. Our world, now more than ever, needs people who go the way and show the way. Universities and the education system contribute immensely towards this agenda and have an ethical accountability to develop sensitivities& leadership in students who go on to becoming responsible citizens and bring about the change we all want to see. JagranLakecity University has been a trendsetter and a pioneer in bringing about new concepts and ideas.”He advised new Class representatives to be leaders and not just administrators.

The ceremony ended with a huge round of applause for the new appointees as well with an oath, where the students pledged to constantly strive for and contribute to the growth of their university, society, and nation.

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