JLU Knowledge Series: Episode 2 “Living and Working in Space” by Dr Leslie Wickman AKA Rocket Girl.

JLU Knowledge Series: Episode 2 “Living and Working in Space” by Dr Leslie Wickman AKA Rocket Girl.


The second episode of JLU Knowledge Series exhibited an excellent gain where Dr. Leslie Wickman “Rocket Girl”, PhD, Research Scientist, Engineering Consultant, & Author spoke on “Living and Working in Space” at Jagran Lakecity University on 5th March 2019.

Check out the full episode and get inspired!


Dr. Wickman has lectured around the world on satellite servicing, spaceflight physiology, astronaut training and operations, as well as various topics in astronomy, environmental stewardship, and the interface between science and theology. She now divides her time between serving as Executive Director of the American Scientific Affiliation (a non-profit organization promoting the dialogue between science and faith), and as a Professor of Aerospace-Industrial-Mechanical Engineering at California Baptist University.

The facts presented, were full of detailed learning & extensive experience acquired over the years of working as a scientist. From working on NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration‘s Hubble Space Telescope and International Space Station Programs to becoming Lockheed’s Corporate Astronaut, Dr. Wickman began with an overview of the history of human spaceflight, this lecture addressed the physical and psychological challenges associated with living and working in space.

While extracting patterns from science and space, she spoke about the design of space hardware for crew interaction, capabilities and limitations, adequate accessibility with regard to support equipment and safety. Following the lecture, a short interview was conducted by Ms Monica Nanda, Corporate Communication, JLU. Check out the link below and watch the full interview. Looking forward to the next episode of JLU Knowledge Series, the expectations have surely set a mark.

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