Jagran Lakecity University partners with Vibrant Gujarat: Start-up & Technology Summit 2018 to create awareness on Entrpreneurship.


In order to strengthen the start-up ecosystem in Central India, an awareness session was conducted by Jagran Lakecity University in collaboration with the team of Vibrant Gujarat Start-up & Technology Summit 2018.

Ankit Machhar, an Executive Committee Member of Vibrant Gujarat Start-up & Technology Summit 2018, addressed the audience which consisted of university students as well as those who have a start-up of their own. Following the summit session, a panel discussion was conducted where Dr Nilesh Khare, Dean JLU and our special guests, the thriving entrepreneurs from Bhopal; Mr Nemesh Singh, CEO & Founder at Appointy.com, Mrs Shweta Pathak, Executive Director at Aakarshan Gems & Jewellery, and Ms Umang Shridhar, Founder at KhaDigi talked about their journey leading up to where they are now and from where they begin and the Pros and Cons of working and surviving in Bhopal.

The event culminated with an interactive session held between the guests and the students, where queries regarding where to start, how to build a network and understanding the supply chain were discussed in detail. 

To keep the ‘Start-up Movement’ trending, a three-day event is being hosted by Government of Gujarat, packed with experiential lore and nexus for start-ups and striving entrepreneurs. This event is synthesised as a precursor to the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit in January 2019. Acting as a place for innovators and entrepreneurs from across the world to engage and socialise, the event shall comprise of several prominent specialists spouting on a spectrum of hurdles and dilemmas linked to entrepreneurship. Moreover, the focus for this year would be on technology as a catalyst to entrepreneurship.

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