Jagran Lakecity University Orientation 2019

Jagran Lakecity University Orientation 2019

Jagran Lakecity University geared up to a fresh start with another bunch of students who enrolled themselves in the new academic year. The university strives to give its student one of kind opportunity on the very first day by conducting an Induction and orientation session where the students not only interact with notch speakers but also indulge themselves by imbibing the cadences of music and band.
With the setting in of monsoon, the lush green campus dwelt into fresh vibes with new students and many more opportunities coming their way. The highly-anticipated event witnessed transpiring of new student.  Interaction with key persons of university, interaction with alumni and on top of all industrial knowledge from professional speakers helps the students to envision their future right from start. The students gathered in the campus and got themselves registered as well, on the ‘Three day Induction and Orientation program’. The event was divided into three parts scheduled one day each, which were University level, School level and Programme Level where the young learners interacted with their specific school deans and directors.

We at Jagran Lakecity University inspires every student to have an independent, unique voice which rises gradually just as ripples turning into waves. It’s important for students to learn key tip to survive through the struggles of life as they enter their adulthood and this can come only from the experienced faculties as they don’t leave any stones unturned to provide best of their knowledge. The teachers build solidarity and a community support system for the students who are on a verge of starting their very own independent life.

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