International Day of The Girl Girl Child

International Day of The Girl Girl Child


‘Educate a man and you educate an individual. Educate a woman and you educate a family’ as rightly said, Jagran Lakecity University celebrated ‘International Day of the Girl Child’ under the initiative of JLU social volunteering club. It is one of the many initiatives that have taken to uphold the girls of society across the globe. Every year, this day is celebrated worldwide to showcase the empowerment of the girl child. Dr. Somya Dwivedi, Chief Radiologist and Managing Partner at Qura Diagnostics & Research Centre delivered a special lecture especially for the female students of JLU.

It is important for us to explore the gender notion of space and look at the intersectional manifestations of gender bias. Every girl should be aware of her rights such as education, nutrition, forced child marriage, legal rights, and medical rights. The woman needs to be empowered by other women only, and society as a whole. The women who support each other are the women who grow together. Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Somya Dwivedi, said ‘Woman is the core essence of life and it’s fortunate we are born as one. Right from the start, women have so many roles to play thus it is very important to create awareness for a healthier and more progressive society. Raising awareness through effective programs of education carves away to women’s attainment of healthy and fulfilling lives and improves the status of women in their decision-making capacities’ During her interaction with the students, she spoke on Women’s

health issues and its awareness such as PCOD, Cervical Cancer, Feminine Hygiene, etc. On this occasion, the female students at JLU formed a human chain and pledged to create awareness and opportunity for women and girls to achieve their potential. 

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