Fourth year in a row, Jagran Lakecity University awarded as ‘University of the Year’ by FMPCCI, Govt. of M.P.

Fourth year in a row, Jagran Lakecity University awarded as ‘University of the Year’ by FMPCCI, Govt. of M.P.

“Appreciation goes a long way as a motivator.” With the inordinate effort that Jagran Lakecity University puts into imparting quality education, a recognition and appreciation is always a boost.

Situated amidst sylvan surroundings, the ambiance provided to students at JLU is therapeutic. In contrast to the natural scenic beauty, the classrooms are fully equipped for enhanced learning. With the amalgamation of nature and contemporary architecture, our university aims at enabling meaningful learning, both intellectual and emotional.The holistic learning environment at JLU has bagged our university the title of ‘University of the Year’ by FMPCCI fourth year in a row.Their words however in regard to the University were more than moving – “The University aspires to be a prominent institution of higher learning that achieves unsurpassed quality standards both in teaching and research through discoveries and inventions and by producing foremost leaders who think globally and act locally, who mould tomorrow’s world with honesty, fortitude, hard work and vision in all spheres of human endeavor and existence.”

The occasion for celebration however amplified when in the latest round of the Private University Awards, Jagran Lakecity University was ranked No. 1 among the Private Universities in Madhya Pradesh by ‘The Education World Rankings 2017-18’.

The classification is done on the basis of 10 parameters including competence of faculty, faculty welfare and development, research and innovation, curriculum and pedagogy, industry interface, placement, infrastructure and facilities, internationalism, leadership/governance quality and range/diversity of programs offered.

Two more feathers were added to the JLU cap for being recognized as the ‘University of the Year’ for ‘University Interactions by Higher Education Review’ and ranked among the top 5 Business Schools in M.P. by Business World.

With the wealth of awards raining over Jagran Lakecity University, we have managed to keep the best for the last. For 2 years in a row, JLU has been certified as ‘Global League Institute’ by ‘Great Place to Study Research Institute’ (GPTS) at the prestigious The House of Commons, United Kindom. GPTS is an international auditing & recognition firm commissioned by ‘SkillTree Knowledge Consortium’.
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