Constantly updating according to the Industry Trends: New Courses at JLU

The Jagran Lakecity University constantly ventures into new areas to bring out the best for their students. In our recent quest for growth, we have come up with two brand new courses to give our students a remarkable edge above the crowd.

This course is specifically designed for the students to gain an understanding of advertising, communication and public relations by training amidst real life clients and time bound situations. Run in association with the University of Arts London (ranked 3rd in the world in the field of media), out of the 3 years, this course offers our students the study duration of 1 Trimester in London.

The course aims at being creative and business focused to provide our students with experience based learning. Being trained under the guidance of industry experts and leading academicians, we imbibe our students with quality ideas and strategy. The course will not only train you for a career in media, but also for a wide spectrum of opportunities in public and private sectors.

Course Duration – 3 Years
Study duration in London – 1 Trimester
Tuition Fee – Rs 60,000/semester (India)
£ 7000/semester (London)

This course is designed to provide our students with the highest quality education in preparation for advancement of careers in public, non-profit and healthcare organizations. The syllabus for this course is planned such that, a student aiming for a career in the civil services will find it extremely competent, efficient and helpful.

With JLU being one of the few universities offering this course, we aim at providing an environment, amidst which our students learn the ethical values and eloquence in decision making, that are the basic traits expected out of a civil servant. The program aims at building individuals efficient in upholding public trust and demonstrating respect, equity, and fairness in dealing with the public and fellow workers.

Course duration – 3 Years
Tuition Fee – Rs 22,000/annum
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