Celebrating 70 Years of Independence at Jagran Lakecity University

Celebrating 70 Years of Independence at Jagran Lakecity University

Freedom from the British rule was what we achieved on 15th August 1947, 70 years later India still struggles for real independence. Merely throwing out the intruders did not free India completely, since what still remains of them are the lethal notions of corruption, illiteracy, and inequality. Initiatives by the government of India, aimed at development sure have contributed in making India better. However, nurturing young minds in a way that makes ethical adults of them is a door to the dream of developed India, and education is the key to it.

The Jagran Lakecity University, with its motto of “Igniting minds, changing lives” aims at imparting quality education to the masses and contributing their share in the making of “Independent India.” The Independence Day at JLU Bhopal was celebrated with this spirit in mind, where Shri. Hari Mohan Gupta, Chancellor, Jagran Lakecity University shared with the family of JLU Bhopal, his thoughts on freedom.

Having a freedom fighter as his father, Shri. Hari Mohan Gupta had the opportunity to know the minute requirements of building up a nation. Shri Gurudev Mohan Gupta had worked alongside great freedom fighter’s like Chandra Shekhar Azad in the quest to help India gain its freedom, which eventually kept him from attaining higher education. He, however, knew the importance of it. Education is that asset in one’s life that outshines all other materialistic ones and therefore, it is a ‘teacher’ who reforms the world, one student at a time. With the slogan of “Education to all”, it was his vision that formed the foundation of Jagran Lakecity University, where we emphasize on the difference between studying and educating, where the former is just limited to words while the latter is the all-round development of an individual that ultimately makes him a learned, ethical and responsible human being.

We build an environment where quality surpasses quantity and excellence surpass success.

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