What’s the BuZzZ Around ‘Design Hive’ Launch ?

What’s the BuZzZ Around ‘Design Hive’ Launch ?


On the occasion of World Design Day, 27th April,2021, Jagran School of Visual Arts and Design, under The Faculty of Journalism and Creative studies launched “Design Hive” – A Design club with a motive to create an art inclusive environment for students at Jagran Lakecity University. 

Design Hive is a student driven design club that reflects innovativeness, creativity, youthful energy and with an overarching perspective that emphasises the responsible usage of tech which is in sync with user psychology and liberal arts.

In the first part of the club launch, a Digital art competition was organised with the theme as Design for a better world : A call to positivity in the chaotic world.” We as a school believe that the strength of art lies in finding new dimensions and posing insightful questions and through this digital art competition we tried to catalyse independent and challenging creative thought and challenged our students to think of how through design and art, we can try to avert a climate disaster, a homeless epidemic, a mental health crisis, heat death, poisoned air, and food and water shortages. 

Video of Students’ Works 

 Art – no matter whether you choose to create it yourself or simply observe and enjoy it – is a relaxing and inspiring activity for many people. 

Art alternatively can be also be very valuable in treating mental health issues and is a great way to express your emotions without words, process complex feelings and find relief. In these turbulent times when students need positivity we at the Jagran School of Visual Arts and Design curated the second part of the launch with a set of two master virtual workshops on aesthetics of the mind art therapy and VR sculpting with an aim to help our students deal with stress, anxiety, and bring a sense of mindfulness and happiness through art .


The virtual event started with the ” Art therapy session” by Ms.Hritika Bhagat. Ms.Hritika is an Eco-artist and Art Therapist and the founder of founder- Quality Compliance, an InterNations Ambassador and an Art Life Coach. Ms.Bhagat started the session, speaking about the ” Aesthetics of Mind”. She also demonstrated how a growth mindset can help the creative thinkers today. She spoke of hands-on-practices followed in the art therapy. The participants were involved in the process of scribbling and its connection with art as a healing process for the mind.

The second session termed as VR sculpting and Sundowner was facilitated by Futurist Designer Mr. Rahul Dutta. Mr Dutta as a designer is someone who wears many hats, as an artist, designer, coder, educator, futurist and subject matter expert in creating immersive experiences and VR/AR ecosystems. He is the Co Founder of Alt Real and Hyper Reality Studios and a passionate educator. Mr Dutta started the immersive session taking us through his journey in Virtual Reality.

 The workshop engaged students with an immersive virtual demonstration of different tools like VR Oculus rift, kingspray, Google tilt brush and discussed about various design softwares which are beneficial for the students. During the interaction with students, he explained the importance of collaborative learning in design classes and encouraged the students and faculty to try and explore more immersive environments for collaborative learning. 

The session continued highlighting the different dimensions of immersive media. The workshop had a number of participants from all over India which also included  some alumni of The Faculty of Journalism and Creative Studies. It was well designed for learning and understanding Art and Design as a medium for collaborative immersive learning and also as a source of finding motivation and reflecting a growth mindset even in these turbulent times.

 Watch the full session here: 


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