Beyond Books Organisation- Guiding Students To Their Dream Careers

Beyond Books Organisation- Guiding Students To Their Dream Careers


Education is considered one of the most significant life-defining stages that lays down a proper solid foundation for a successful career. That is why we call any decision we make in education a career or life-defining decision.

In India, over 30 million students enrol in higher education every year, the competitiveness is always at its peak, and with limited seats at top universities, it makes admissions and enrolments a daunting task for both students and parents.

Even more, is the decisions you must make as a student. What stream would I like to get into? Which course or degree? Which are the best universities to study the specific course? What is the admission procedure? What entrance tests should I give? And many more related underlying questions that make this whole process a stressful experience.

Now while many schools and also private centres provide career counselling services there are not many who help with the guidance of admission and consultation.

This is where education consultancy services come into the picture. They not only guide courses, universities, and job opportunities but also work to help students achieve their career dreams.

About Beyond Books Org

One such organization has been the Beyond Books Organisation.

Situated in Sakleshpura , Karnataka, this Non-Government organization was launched in April 2021 with a vision to work for the betterment of the student community.

The organization has a wide range of services that they provide. From career guidance and job assistance to domestic and overseas education consultation to providing direct admissions in reputed universities to various training programs, Beyond Books aims to bring educational justice to students who have been known to be misguided in their career paths.

The idea of this organization stemmed up from these 2 social issues –

  1. No proper guidance for students who want to pursue higher education and misguided.
  2. Educational institutes harassing and looting students and parents with abnormal fees.

Coupled with the current reality of the corruption and commercialization of the education sector, the organization took these issues and made it their inspiration and mission as they call it a social responsibility rather than a business. They formed a solid plan and strategy through SWOC analysis and developed an STP marketing strategy.

How they run in the market –

Rather than focusing on the target audience approach, Beyond Books runs under the model that looks to serve the needs and wants of the students and parents.

The organization firstly analyses the student’s educational background, academic track, and financial status and accordingly designs a career path that would be best suited to the student.

Then through their Partnership and Association model, Beyond Books Organisation provides the service of direct admissions to the university the student would ultimately choose. Initially, services were limited to domestic universities in and around Mysore, Mangalore, and Bangalore but now the organization has opened up services that offer admissions to overseas and abroad universities in Australia, UK, Canada, and New Zealand as they developed an association with The Change Makers Academy and the Australian Visa & Migration Consultancy.

Additionally, Beyond Books also extends its services to a spectrum of training programs. From language to corporate to hotel and hospitality to even personality development, these training programs were introduced to not only provide information and guidance but also prepare the student to face anything and everything in corporate life.

The Beyond Books Organization was founded by Anusha Vishwanath, an alumnus of Jagran Lakecity University, and her husband Prof. Ketan Suresh to provide quality education to every student and an overriding motto of “Trust-Promise-Delivery”.

And moving forward the couple wishes to see their organization be the tallest contributor in the segment of education.

About Jagran Lakecity University

Jagran Lakecity University, the fastest growing university in Madhya Pradesh, recently won the Diamond rating by QS I-Gauge scoring a 100/100 on their entrepreneurship parameter. QS I-Gauge is an international rating agency for universities. JLU continues to support entrepreneurs with a Rs 25 lakh fund earmarked to support start-ups.

JLU and its alumni are making the nation proud, and the university plans on continuing to empower its students to become the top entrepreneurs of the future through education and financial support.

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Jagran Lakecity University

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