Vice Chancellor, Dr. Sandeep Shastri Reinvents ‘ABCD of Higher Education’

Vice Chancellor, Dr. Sandeep Shastri Reinvents ‘ABCD of Higher Education’


The uncertainty of 12th board examinations has become a major challenge for the youth of India, but early admissions are definitely an option worth considering.

In India, over 1.5 million schools had to be shut down due to the Covid prevention initiatives, affecting around 286 million children from pre-schoolers to junior college students. The uncertainty of the 12th board examinations has just added distress for the youngsters of the country. Returning to the old status quo is next to impossible but the new normal is right around the corner and it has redefined the ABCD of higher education.

The ‘A’ is for ‘Access to Quality Education’, which every youngster deserves and is the moral responsibility of the nation to provide it. Moving the classes, resources, assignments and even assessments online has given access to quality education to students who couldn’t get it earlier. This has also stirred up new questions about the depth, application and authenticity of knowledge, which can now be verified quickly by the students and the quality of which can be aptly evaluated.

 The ‘B’ now is for the ‘Boundaries of Learning’ which have changed rapidly and are not restricted to classrooms and so learning has truly become blended. This enhances the opportunity of international collaborations and even shared classrooms among universities all over the globe. It will not be a rare to see that the professors are teaching journalism or environmental law, online from a football field and the students are learning from all corners of the globe.

 The ‘C’ stands for the ‘Context of Learning. The institutions have been knocked out of laxity by the pandemic and being driven to design skills-based interdisciplinary degrees with strong industry intervention. This will be helping the students to bridge the gap between classrooms and workplace by learning relevant employable skills. Skills will be taught at an industry level and thus the non-economic, time consuming activities can be eradicated or can be automated with the help of technology so that human potential is utilized to the fullest.

The ‘D’ is for the critical change in ‘Dialogue of Learning’, now the students can chaff down the necessary, useful and applicable information from the ocean of knowledge. Teachers here are not just the disseminators of knowledge but the facilitators of it. The new dialogue of learning is flexible, inclusive and interdisciplinary. The information flow is not one directional and can properly gauge the understanding and applicability of the concepts for the students and its applicability in the long term.

Whatever the scenario may be, which will be termed as the ‘NEW NORMAL’, I can assure one thing that it is not going to be anything the pre-covid era. New technologies, processes and methodologies will be developed and the higher education space will never be the same. As the Greek philosopher ‘Heraclitus’ said, “Change is the only constant”.

Jagran Lakecity University is assuring that learning at the university continues in the new normal with the help of technologies, processes, and methodologies. These are challenging times and uncertainties are taking a toll on the mental health of the young generation. According to JLU, the 12th class students must not restrict themselves because of the unpredictability of events and secure their seats for higher education through early admissions. Jagran Lakecity University has reworked its admission cum scholarship criteria. The University has recently announced its entrance test, JLUET. Now students can secure their seats at JLU and even claim outstanding scholarships much before appearing for the 12th boards. JLU has always supported the aspirations of its students through generous scholarships. Last year, JLU put up a corpus of INR 1.3 crores. For the 2021 admission session, JLU is giving away scholarships worth INR 2.5 crores. This is a straight 92.3% increase from the last year. JLUET is being conducted in rounds due to the immense number of registrations. The recent one will be conducted on 22nd May. The other three rounds are scheduled on 26th June, 24th July, and 14th August 2021.   

I wish the students of 12th standard all the very best for their upcoming examinations and hope the best for their career ahead.


 By: Dr. Sandeep Shastri

Vice Chancellor, Jagran Lakecity University

About Dr. Shastri:

Dr. Shastri is a world renowned political scientist with over 40 years of teaching experience. He worked with the Karnataka government to formulate the youth policy and is  an international consultant to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

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