They say GAME OVER, I say NEW GAME: LAN Gaming 3.0 at Jagran Lakecity University

They say GAME OVER, I say NEW GAME: LAN Gaming 3.0 at Jagran Lakecity University

“Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master.” Following this quote, spending time online is starting to become a taboo in the society. Parents often are stressed about the amount of time that their child spends glued to the computer screen. Funnily, online gaming is not as corrupt as they say it is. In fact, research proves that it has more benefits than negatives. Helping in overcoming dyslexia, boosting careers, socializing, improving decision making, reducing stress and addressing autism are some of the major positives of spending time with the gaming console.

In the spirit of addressing some of the stress-busting aspects of online gaming, LAN Gaming 3.0 was organized at School of Engineering and Technology, Jagran Lakecity University. Aimed at providing the students with an outlet to the gamers in them, this event taught the participants, enhancement of concentration power and reaction time with the glory of the digital world.

The competition was structured in two categories; Counter-Strike (CS) and Need for Speed (NFS). The students registered online and got to be a part of the contest on a first come first serve basis. In a fury of adrenaline, 15 teams battled against each other for the impressive cash prize waiting on the other side. The server configuration and live telecasting of various rounds was technically implemented by the students of JLU, School of Engineering and Technology (SOET).

Winner – Counter Strike
Team Name Neon5
Team members:
1.      Aditya (PCST, Bhopal)
2.      Abhay Shrivastava (TIT, Bhopal)
3.      Shiram (BSSS, Bhopal)
4.      Shrajan Jain (TIT, Bhopal)
5.      Abhinav (BSSS, Bhopal)

Runner-up – Counter Strike
Team Name Deciders
Team members:
1.      Ayush Gupta (SOET, JLU Bhopal)
2.      Abhishek Mishra (SOET, JLU Bhopal)
3.      Jitendra Kashyap (SOET, JLU Bhopal)
4.      Saurabh Bakshi (SOET, JLU Bhopal)
5.      Subham Yadav (SOET, JLU Bhopal)

Winner – Need for Speed
 Sameer Kushwaha (LNCT, Bhopal)

Runner-up – Need for Speed

Abdul Samad (SOHT, JLU, Bhopal)

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