JLU Carnival Session 3- With The Best Roadie Of All Time—Rannvijay Singha

JLU Carnival Session 3- With The Best Roadie Of All Time—Rannvijay Singha

Jagran Lakecity University’s students and faculty indulged in the third, and highly anticipated event of the Longest Virtual Fest ever, the JLU Carnival, on July 3rd, 2021 with none other than *drumrolls* actor Rannvijay Singha, a well-known Indian television personality, actor, and winner and now-host MTV Roadies.It’s always been JLU’s pièce de résistance to bridge the gap between influential celebrities and the students. JLU gives all of its students—everyone from freshers to seniors, to even our alumni—to connect with the best people from all disciplines.
With over 350+ registrations, this JLU Carnival event truly was an occasion hundreds of people were counting the days until. All the attendees could feel the thrill in their veins right from the moment the show started.  Upon commencement of the first round of the show at 7:30 p.m., students of Jagran Lakecity University welcomed Rannvijay with a poem written by the copywriter of Lakecity Voice,Tayyaba Praveen, a student of BA (hons) Psychology, followed by a slide show of RV’s old pictures from and reminiscence of the good old times. RV appreciated the memories, conveyed the value of connections with people to our students, and wished well to those doing good today.Further, he shared his whereabouts and what he currently does: Facilitate the production of roadies, try out tasks to check the feasibility before shooting them with the participants. In between moments, we were also given the sweet surprise of Rannvijay’s daughter, Kainaat’s appearances, and cute greetings to the audience. The ice-breaking round followed by the second round—the game of Never Have I Ever. Throughout the session, the audience witnessed Rannvijay’s wise candidness and gregarious spirit. What a time! RV highly emphasized the importance of relationships and friendships, in today’s ages of changing social dynamics and with the advent of social media and new-fangled advertising. Minutes into the session, the audience already witnessed RV’s ever-famous fun desi spirit, as he shared fun experiences from his youth: crashing weddings as a hobby, traveling without tickets, and other amusing experiences. He shared that he is also mocked by his friends as ‘Pun-Vijay’. The session was also packed with wisdom…lots of it! After all, how can we not expect heaps of acumen and big brotherly advice from the no. 1 Roadie of all times. The students asked numerous enthusiastic questions one after the other, and RV answered all of them gracefully.  Rannvijay humbly revealed his idols (Michael Jordan & Kobe Bryant), and his favorite actress (Madhuri Dixit). When asked about himself as a school and college student, Rannvijay said, “Although I was a good, cheerful and respectful student, I wasn’t very good academically”. The students were curious about what he aspired to become growing up, “I wanted to be in the Army, I even visited Bhopal for my SSB exam and I love the city”, RV shared. That’s where his old connection to our city of lakes, Bhopal was revealed.  When the students asked RV for one lesson that he would want to share with the youngsters, he said:

“Your passion cannot be to become famous,

you need to have realistic goals and work hard for them,

it will make you famous”

Being a humble and hard-working man, he advised the students to strive to have an impact with hard work, and fame and fortune will follow. He shared that clearing the SSB exam in Bhopal is the best experience of his life, and the happiness of his parents and grandparents is the highlight of his life. Rannvijay has very strong family values. There nothing before Followed by this, he also advised the students to cherish every second with their family. Everything else comes second to family, as far as what’s important in life.  
When asked how to deal with negativity, he said:

“Don’t deal with negativity, just cut off negative people and avoid all negativities. Always focus on the positive people in your life. You don’t need negative people in your life.”

Our students were curious to know about how to get more and make the most out of the opportunities in life. “In journalism and entertainment industry you get a chance to be around the best people in the field even if you are just a beginner, you don’t get that chance in any other field”, Rannvijay said. And we at JLU could not agree more, as we always strive to give our students innumerable opportunities to connect with the best people. Rannvijay shared that he has a lot of dreams and big expectations from the youth of India, but they need the right direction and exposure. He said:  
“The students of JLU are very privileged to get really good opportunities and must take the best out of it.”
  Being such a motivation for the youth, and Roadies lovers, he couldn’t have spared our students a taste of the Roadies, right? Rannvijay gave the task to our student Rashid to do special pushups and as he did them, the audience cheered their hearts out. All in all, the session was truly a delight. Enthusiastically moderated by Tanya Sadhwani and Amy Philip. Rannvijay enjoyed his time with JLU so much that he stayed for 90 minutes, which was way more than the designated time. This gesture is an honor for us at JLU.  Towards the end of the show, Rannvijay said: “I hope to meet the youth at JLU on campus someday”, and thanked the faculty and students for attending the show. We at JLU look forward to seeing him live on campus as well! JLU Carnival is an ‘open for all’ event and will host six celebrities, the first session of which commenced with students interacting with renowned Kochi-based band ‘When Chai Met Toast’, for by the second event featuring Gaurav Kapoor. With this third event featuring Rannvijay Singha, JLU has raised the bar even higher. So, are you excited to know who’s next on JLU Carnival? Well, stay tuned to JLU’s website and social media to get the latest updates on the JLU carnival.  
 By: Diksha Pundir (Student) Jagran Lakecity University
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