JLU CarnivaHaHaHaL with Gaurav Kapoor

JLU CarnivaHaHaHaL with Gaurav Kapoor


Jagran Lakecity University, marvelously concluded the 2nd Event of it Looongest Virtual Feast ever, the JLU Carival on 21st May 2021.

On this eventful night we had, Gaurav Kapoor, a renowned stand-up comedian whose gigs have been enjoyed on various platforms right from Canvas Laugh Club to Amazon Prime Video.

As soon as the invitations for the Zoom event were sent out, JLU received an overwhelming response. Over 900 registrations in a short period of time and dozens of queries popped up on all social media platforms. The excitement was not restricted to the students but was seen in the alumni, members of the faculty and friends/well-wishers of JLU.

The much awaited event commenced at 7:30 PM on 21st May, 2021 with RJ Pranav of our very own Lakecity Voice, introducing Gaurav to the swiftly amassing audience. Gaurav was seemingly exited with the extraordinary reception and appreciated the JLU family multiple times during the one hour show.

Gaurav started the show with some puns on the audience and the jokes revolved around student life, mishaps in a live show, life in Ghaziabad and what is a LOOFA. The show was very interactive and Gaurav smartly involved his audience through his superior story telling skills. Towards the end of the show he heartily praised the organizers and thanked the audience for their support and appreciation.


With Total registrations of 1034, the event was attended by 892 individuals which speaks volumes about the success of JLU carnival.

Gaurav Shared this video to lure in the audience pre-event.


Post event, Gaurav said “JLU was one of the most lively audience ever and thanks for inviting me to the longest ever carnival”


JLU Carnival is a six-month-long virtual fest which is the longest fest ever conducted by any university, and was kicked off in April and will go on till September 2021. By hosting this longest planned virtual fest, JLU aims to reinvent the way university events are occasioned and attended in the wake of the pandemic-induced restrictions while keeping in mind the social distancing norms on physical gatherings, for the safety of the audience, staff and performers.

JLU Carnival is an ‘open for all’ event and will host six celebrities, the first session of which commenced with students interacting with renowned Kochi-based band ‘When Chai Met Toast’. And with this 2nd event featuring Gaurav Kapoor, JLU has raised the bar a bit higher.



Stay tuned to the JLU website and social media handles to get the latest updates on the JLU carnival and to know about the next performer.





Gurshan Singh

Content Manager,

Communications and Alumni Relations Department

Jagran Lakecity University, Bhopal



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