JLU Begins its 6th Academic Session

JLU Begins its 6th Academic Session


Develop a passion for learning and you’ll never cease to grow!

In a world full of wonder, science and conscience, he who’s quick to question would be the first to grasp the concept! For not just surviving but to thrive in today’s world, it’s necessary to quench your thirst for knowledge and learn. We at Jagran Lakecity University, endeavour to find the prominent field experts who can bestow their worthy expertise with our students and acquaint them in the process. Such interactions aid our students in acquiring the information much easier than having to browse and assume to choose a career.

The fresh batches of JLU Bhopal are at their refining stage and associating with a field specialist enables them to discover the glimpse of the expert’s life. The Key points and values lining in the books are fine but what makes the cut are the initiatives, smart work and resilience.  Accessing our students’ with the professionals render them an opportunity to learn from the best from the earliest. We endeavour at giving them the solid foundation to stand with resolute. We at Jagran Lakecity University don’t concentrate on just teaching; we prosper on igniting minds and directing them to introspect, initiate and create their own ideas into existence.

Continuing the university tradition, we greet our fresh batches with an orientation ceremony. The chief guest in the ceremony is a field specialist who enlightens us with the workings of that industry. The orientation doesn’t just familiarize students concerning their field but mirrors them the bare face of the industry, readying them as what to expect and how to pave their way.

The 2018 student orientation in several schools of the university unfolded successfully as the new students engaged with great zeal and enthusiasm with the experts in their field.

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