From the Director’s Desk: JLU School of Humanities and Arts


From ancient times to the present technological era the field of Humanities & Arts has provided a deeper understanding of human life and its changing dynamics. This understanding enables us to build intellectually vibrant and inclusive society where every individual can flourish in a constructive manner. We, at Jagran Lakecity University are firm believers that there is no greater purifier on Earth than knowledge and with this basic philosophy in mind we strive to keep the beacon of knowledge illuminated.
Being a fairly young school, we are on a fascinating path of learning, growth and development and as a result of our incessant tendency for hard work we have already carved our niche in the arena of Humanities and Arts. In this endeavor the biggest contribution has been of the highly trained, motivated and empathetic faculty members of the School.  The students here expand their horizons by engaging themselves with various disciplines like Psychology, English Literature, Public Administration, Political Science, Social Work and Sociology which helps them in preparing for an increasingly multicultural world.
We believe in a knowledge-centric and student centered approach. The course structure is designed in a manner which complements this approach and encourages students to reflect upon the multiple nuances of human society and the relevant contemporary developments affecting it. We adopt multiple teaching and learning methodologies like case studies, live projects, internships, exposure visits, expert lectures/talk, roundtables, workshops/seminars, etc. We have successfully organized various international conferences, workshops and seminars which have tremendously helped in the holistic development of the academic quotient of the School.
We in the JLUSchool of Humanities and Arts groom our students to be contemplative and thinking individuals. We give this thought process a practical shape by enhancing the skills of the students in the art of observation, description, synthesis, analysis and interpretation which they organically acquire while pursuing a degree in the field of Humanities & Arts. The honing of these skills help the students to both identify and succeed in the appropriate professional arenas. We are engaged in the path of academic excellence and hereby invite you to join us in this exciting and glorious journey.

Dr. Ruchi Sharma
Director, JLU School of
Humanities and Arts

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