CXO’s meet: Talk on Strategic Sales, Leadership & Fund Raising at Jagran Lakecity Business School.

CXO’s meet: Talk on Strategic Sales, Leadership & Fund Raising at Jagran Lakecity Business School.


Enlightening the audience to focus on value creation for clients, nurturing & building network, long sales cycles, and building incentive control mechanisms that align sales behavior with strategic goals like bonus for client continuity, Jagran Lakecity Business School on 23rd October 2018 organized CXO meet at the JLU Student Enrichment Hub, to bestow light on  how to build professional career.  The event was divided into three sessions. The first session was an interaction between the industry experts and JLBS students wherein the CXO’s shared their experience and knowledge about sales and leadership with the students. The second interaction was between students from other streams and the industry experts.

Mr Srinivas Uppaluri, Author – SWITCH, Ex-Global CMO – Infosys, spoke about his recently published book named SWITCH and discussed the ideas that could transform sales for the better for many organizations. It is his experience with leading global giants that he has penned down in this book. Other dignitaries included Mr Ritendra Banerjee, Founder CEO – Salt, Mr Manish Bansal, Entrepreneur, Investor and Investment Banker – Value Ideas Investment Services Pvt Ltd. & Ms Ruma Biswas, CXO, Partner MD – Progress –U South Asia. The experts shared their ideas on various aspects of leadership and fundraising.

The interactions covered several critical viewpoints like adaptability for the global career, integrating perspective on life and businesses, excellence and detached attachment where goals professionals chase, and value their delivery has money chasing them. 

Furthermore, Ms Ruma echoed key lessons from parlances by Mr Uppaluri and Mr Banerjee. She elaborated the concept of leadership in conversation with industry and faculty. Mentioning shifting norms for leadership behaviour. The conversation shed light on how conceptualization on leadership itself has evolved in waves of paradigms starting with leadership personality traits, to style, type and situational leaders where followers and context plays a vital role in determining what approach, style and traits might fit.

Manish Bansal, CEO, SME Value Advisors exhorted students to learn to hold oneself accountable, pay attention, and create value. With over than two decades of experience of working with SMEs, helping them raise private funds and getting them listed on a small firm exchange, to suggest that entrepreneurs often make a mistake of cooking numbers and not paying attention to governance. Deep thinking on where the growth and profitability will come from and governance readiness to bring in external investors are critical to a successful fundraiser.

The third session was the most talked about. It marked the inauguration of the Knowledge@JLBS, a platform dedicated to sharing knowledge and ideas among the industry experts, students and academicians. It is the brainchild of Prof. (Dr.) Nilesh Khare to integrate industry and academia in a way through which all the participants are benefitted. The session also witnessed participation from various start-up founders who wanted to learn more about leadership and raising funds and utilizing those to nurture their organizations.

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