An awareness session on “Prevention of Cyber Crime: Women & Child Safety”

Safety of women and children is not something we haven’t heard of, before. With the ever-growing crime rate, India has its own share leading up to it. Gone are the days when the newspapers reported about horrid crimes taking place at some far away location in the middle of nowhere or late night at some empty street. Home had been the safest place to be at, then. Not anymore. Cybercrime has made it impossible for anyone to feel safe anywhere. 

To spread the perception among the youth, an awareness session on “Prevention of Cyber Crime: Women & Child Safety” was organised by JLU School of Commerce & Economics and JLU School of Law at Jagran Lakecity University’s Student Enrichment Hub on 12th September 2018. The guests of honour were Shri Rajesh Singh Bhadoria, SP Cyber Crime, Shri Rashmi Khariya, DSP Cyber Crime and Shri Sanjay Somani, Samajik Nayay Jila Sadasya.

Fundamentally, “Cybercrime is any illicit activity that uses a computer as its primary means of commission. It consists of criminal offense on the web, a violation of law on the Internet, breach of law on the Internet, computer crime, contravention of any law through the Web, corruption regarding Internet, disrupting operations through malevolent programs on the Internet, electric crime, Internet crime, sale of contraband on the Internet, stalking victims on the Internet, theft of identify on the Internet. These Cyber Crimes may be committed against persons, property and government.”

The dignitaries elucidated in-depth studies on topics like harassment through e-mails, cyber stalking, cyber pornography and cyber defamation. Regarding the measures to be taken if victimized, along with where and how to approach the concerning authorities.

The program culminated with a quiz round held by Shri Rajesh Singh for the students where awards of appreciation were presented for giving the correct answers. Moreover, tokens of appreciation were presented to both the departments.

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