5 Reasons to Take the JLUET

5 Reasons to Take the JLUET



On the 1st of June, the Prime Minister declared the cancellation of the 12th CBSE board exams; a long-overdue announcement that finally had students relieved, for at least the near future. Students could now solely focus on their next crucial chapter – University.

This means that university entrance tests are now under focus more than ever as they would be the deciding factor for admissions this year. Considering the current situation, over the past month, top universities across the country have all publicly made known of the updates in their admission process, mainly their entrance tests.

If you are a student in the process of looking at universities that offer the degree you want to pursue, you can consider Jagran Lakecity University.

 Located in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, and considered as one of the fastest-growing universities in Central India, the Jagran Lakecity University offers 56 undergrad and post graduate degree programs covering all streams. 

To gain admission, you need to clear the Jagran Lakecity University Entrance Test (JLUET). This is a centralized admission and scholarship test, which is part of the assessment process for admissions to all the courses available at the university.

The test consists of 2 parts –

1.     MCQ Aptitude Test – 60 Marks

2.     Personal Interview with the Admission Panel – 40 Marks

The total of the marks obtained from both rounds will be taken into consideration as your final JLUET score. Further information on how to apply and a complete rundown of the admission procedure can be found HERE

But why JLUET? What makes this entrance exam so important?

Here are the top 5 reasons- 

1. Choose from over 50 Diverse Degree Courses –

The Jagran Lakecity University is home to a diverse list of both Under-graduation and Post-Graduation degree programs. 

Covering most educational streams, the university boasts of courses in engineering, commerce, law, design, hotel administration, film-making, and many more. You can find each of the course’s prospectus and syllabus on the university’s Website.

If you already have a course in mind, well and good. But if not, the university also has a Career Exploratory Program and a Career Assessment Test which not only orientates you on the variety of courses but also helps you discover and create your ideal career path.


2. Fastrack your Admission Process – 

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught us how quickly things can change and how to deal with uncertainty. As schools and junior colleges decide on what to do regarding 12th results, marks and re-admissions, you will already have lost time if you wait for the results.

It needs no reminding but competition for seats in universities is always high and if you are eyeing a particular course, it is best advised to waste no time and immediately apply for JLUET and fastrack your admission procedures.

Most of the universities will be continuing with the regular schedule, starting their courses from around July-August, meaning, admissions will be in full swing this month.

So, the earlier you apply for the JLUET, the earlier you will be able to have one foot in securing your future in these uncertain times.


3. Get Upto 100% Scholarship

JLU believes that scholarships should be awarded to deserving students. Based on the JLUET scores, students can look to seek scholarships of up to 100% of the tuition fee (only first year) amounting to a total of 2.5 crore for the current academic session. The only thing to keep in mind is that these scholarships are limited and are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. So, once you get your score, get in touch with the admission office immediately to make avail of the scholarship.

4. Get Exclusive Access to ‘X-Billion Skills Lab’

Keeping in mind the importance of a smooth transition from a classroom to a workplace, the Jagran Lakecity University envisions being the best practice-based university in the country, looking to nurture future leaders through a unique but effective pedagogy. 

In order to ensure that every graduate from Jagran Lakecity University is equipped with the required attitude and skill sets to build a successful career in the new world of work,  the institute has introduced a mandatory 21st-century workplace skills program across all its streams in partnership with X Billion Skills Lab.

As technology and innovative business models transform the workplace – the new hiring criteria for entry-level candidates includes training in being able to apply new-age workplace intelligence over and above their technical competencies or academic qualifications. In fact, as automation or algorithms take up rote tasks, all job roles of the future, irrespective of field or domain specialization, will require the application of abilities such as emotional intelligence, creative thinking, problem-solving, negotiation, collaboration, storytelling, critical thinking and entrepreneurship.

Institutions like the World Economic Forum name these as amongst the top 10 job skills of the future. Recognizing their importance in building a future-ready workforce – the Government of India has laid special emphasis on training students in these skills in its new NationalEducation Policy.

The university also has numerous partnerships with top industries and international educational institutes and once selected through the JLUET you would be gaining access to a university built on the Four Pillars centered around – 

  • Student-centric approach
  • Skill-based interdisciplinary courses
  • Intensive industry intervention 
  • Global network connect

Each of these, providing you with the best exposure an undergrad student could get nationally and internationally.

5. Flexibility of Multiple Admission Rounds

The JLUET is conducted over 6 rounds. Currently,4 rounds are complete, 2  more to go with one conducted each month from now. That way you can select which date would best suit your preparedness and accordingly apply for the test. This month, it will be conducted on the 24th of July, but you will need to apply before the 18th July.

Dates of the Entrance Test can be found HERE

Therefore, don’t wait for your 12th results, and secure your future by taking the JLUET and securing an admission into Central India’s top private university. 


By:Gurshan Singh

Content Manager,

Communications and Alumni Relations Department

Jagran Lakecity University, Bhopal

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