Pro Bono Training for CLAT Exam by the Faculty Of Law

Pro Bono Training for CLAT Exam by the Faculty Of Law


Jagran Lakecity University is dedicated to the social good and our Faculty of LAW has proven this once again through its grandeur ‘BELL THE CLAT’ initiative. 


With the postponement of CLAT and JLUET soon approaching, Faculty of Law, JLU, took an initiative to design and deliver a free-of-cost training course on CLAT to the 10+2 law aspirants from 1st May to 10th May 2021. 

‘Bell The CLAT’ was a ten-module course covering most of the CLAT syllabus. It was in form of a capsule training with an objective to provide an idea to the participants of the techniques to prepare for CLAT. From the point of view of the University, such sessions are always helpful in improving the outreach. 

The course was divided into the following modules, covering the syllabus of CLAT and JLUET Viz. 

  1. Legal Reasoning, 
  2. General Awareness,
  3.  English,
  4.  Basics of Contract Law,
  5.  Basics of Constitutional Law,
  6.  Basics of Law of Torts,
  7.  Basics of Law of Crimes
  8. Basics of Legal Theory.


The main objective of BELL THE CLAT ’21 was to extend benefits particularly to those 10+2 CLAT aspirants who, in the times of the pandemic, are not able to afford CLAT coaching and crash courses. The course aimed at imparting a concise yet rigorous training to the participants. The idea was to maintain the continuity of CLAT preparations with the CLAT exam being postponed multiple times due to the pandemic.Each module was of one-and-a-half hours. Students from across the state of Madhya Pradesh took the benefit of the course.


Faculty members that conducted the modules were:
  • Dr. Anita Ladha, Associate Professor, 
  • Dr. Yash Tiwari, Assistant Professor, 
  • Dr. Apoorva Dixit, Assistant Professor, 
  • Dr. Ankit Singh, Assistant Professor, 
  • Dr. Baseerat Fatima, Assistant Professor, 
  • Mr. Anugrah Rajawat, Assistant Professor, 
  • Mr. Omkareshwar Pathak, Assistant Professor, 
  •  Ms. Anjuli Thawait, Assistant Professor. 



The entire course was planned and coordinated by Dr. Ankit Singh under the supervision of Prof. (Dr.)Yogendra Srivastava, Dean – Faculty of Law. After the success of this event the Faculty of Law has decided to conduct such initiatives on a regular basis for guiding the students about legal education.


Why should you choose JLU’s Faculty of Law?

Studying law with us promotes the development of critical and analytical attitude and inspires logical thinking and effective communication. During the course, the students are motivated to build their professional profile and extensive professional support is extended to them while they strive to acquire the requisite skill-set to become an efficient legal professional. Some unique features include:

  •    Dedicated Centres in emerging sectors of Law (viz. Infrastructural Laws, Competition Law & Policy, IP Laws, ADR, Human Rights and Gender Justice and Good Governance, Law and Policy) to promote quality research in the respective fields and intensive professional growth of the students.
  •     Extensively trained faculty members to cater to the progressive educational needs of law students to catalyze their evolution so as to meet the contemporary demands of the industry
  •    Resourceful library specifically designed to facilitate intensive learning atmosphere with online access to various legal portals such SCC, LexisNexis, etc.
  •   Faculty of Law is a member of various prestigious International bodies such as International Association of Law Schools (IALS) and Global Forum on Law, Justice and Development (An initiative of World Bank).
  • Faculty of Law has academic and professional partnerships with renowned institutions and organizations such as NLIU, RGNUL, GNLU, Taxmann, University of Duesto, Spain, etc. that boost student exposure and training.
  • A dynamic Legal Aid Clinic to ensure that students are sensitized towards social issues. It plays a vital role in instilling in students a sense of responsibility.
  • A unique University-Industry interface wherein expert legal professionals and luminaries train the students in the classroom in various aspects of law.
  • A state-of-the-art Moot Courtand a comprehensively designed training regime to ensure practical exposure of the students, right from the beginning of the session.


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