Is PHOTOGRAPHY a representation of culture and collective memory ?

Is PHOTOGRAPHY a representation of culture and collective memory ?


 To ignite creative inspiration from the photographers and enlighten students with different photography practices practiced in developing photography culture within India and internationally, Jagran Lakecity University Photography club, Faculty of Journalism and creative studies organised an Artist Talk: Photography as a representation of culture and collective memory” by Internationally acclaimed Photographer Akshay Mahajan.


The talk explained  how different cultures and social identities can be very beautifully memorised through photography as a collective memory. His work embedded the sense to the viewer such that it visualises the entire scene narrated through it and can feel that experience through an imaginative dimension.

 While addressing the students, Mr.Mahajan talked about his one of the famous photography project, People of clay, elaborating the journey involved and the details of the photographs.

He familiarized the audience with the local traditions, customs and folklores depicting the imagery. Through his photography work  he astonishingly painted a story of a girl named Meluha who brings her husband  back from deathbed through her devotion  and sacred offerings. Akshay also discussed his another project, Begums of Bhopal, in which he captured the LGBTQ community members celebrating one of their customary processions, celebrating their spirit of being themselves.

This one hour long artist talk was an insightful session  summed up by some really interesting questions being put up by the audience. Thoughtfully answering them, Akshay brought many insights and learnings for the budding photographers present in the audience.

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