JLU celebrates the spirit of womanhood by acknowledging the achievements of Women at JLU who are excelling and breaking new ground in the world of business through innovative and social entrepreneurship.

Jagran Lakecity University envisions an egalitarian society where opportunities are not gender specific and women are at powerful leadership positions. Out of all the Ph.D. scholars, 50% are women and 38% managerial positions are occupied by women at JLU. There is always a room for improvement but JLU still exceeds the national average by far. Talking about student , 53% Academic and 52% Sports scholarships so far are awarded to female students. JLU takes pride in contributing in its own way, in uplifting the status of women in the society.


JLU organized a thoughtful campaign as a tribute to all women in the field of education and are venturing into new diverse fields like education, entrepreneurship, psychology, social awareness, public service and literature. 


The #futureisHERe campaign was designed and conceptualized by Radhika Saran of Communications team (JLU) and a video was also made, showcasing in Facts & Numbers,the contribution of women in our esteemed University.

Video for the campaign:

JLU felt most proud when our Chief Finance and Accounts Officer, CA Archana Jain was featured among the Top 10 INFLUENTIAL WOMEN LEADERS in INDIAN EDUCATION. by Higher Education Digest. She has been working with JLU since 2013 and was awarded the employee of year award in 2016.



“I was fortunate to have found it for myself at JLU”. For the budding women leaders out there, she advises, “Don’t give up! Each one of us has the potential to achieve something BIG. It is only YOU and YOU who can shrug the failure off and get back to work against all odds. Do not ever expect sympathy for being a woman, stop feeling sorry and stand up for yourself, and stand strong with all due self-respect.” – CA Archana Jain

The initiative would be incomplete without sharing some exemplary stories of our current female students and alumna, who have made a name for themselves in a variety of vocations. The have opened new businesses, rallied people for social services, brought together female poets and much more. 


Here are their Motivational Stories:








JLU aims to be the leading university in INDIA that provides equal opportunities for education as well as work, for women, so that many more WOMEN LEADERS OF THE FUTURE are graduated from and associated with JLU.
By: Gurshan Singh and Radhika Saran
Team Communications 
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