From the Director’s Desk: Prof. Diwakar shukla, Director, Jagran School of Journalism and Communication

From the Director’s Desk: Prof. Diwakar shukla, Director, Jagran School of Journalism and Communication


We believe that the world would be a better place if we encourage big ideas and create an ecosystem of converting those communication ideas into defining changes and tell better stories. Jagran School of Journalism and Communication aims to be the catalyst of such an ecosystem. Driven by our curiosity and practice for years in a row, we’ve put more money into hands-on pedagogy in areas of media and communication in India.
We practice industry benchmarks and protocols to ensure that students and professionals train and grow in sync with the world’s challenges. The school is intellectually diverse in disciplines and expertise, both at faculty as well as student level. Jagran School of Journalism and Communication seeks to understand communication, information, and media processes, behavioural change, organizations, and technologies as they affect individuals, societies, brands and the relationships among them.
Decisive Leap
The Year 2017-2018 was a year in which we launched extraordinary new partnerships. Faculty came together to create a new way of mentoring designed to connect, in an explicit manner, what students learn in the classroom with what occurs in the world. The programmes fostered pedagogical experimentation and interdisciplinary collaboration. Jagran School of Journalism and Communication elevated partnerships with the University of Arts London, University of Sheffield Hallam, and University of Lincoln, UK, to chart the future of the media and communication studies aligned to the literature, culture, and people in this fast-changing world. We also came together as a community around our fundamental commitments and our aspirations for the future in form of various school level clubs.
Industry level conversations on curriculum and pedagogy have given rise to noteworthy new courses, and clearer pathways into undergraduate & graduate concentrations, from the new “framework courses” in the Media and Journalism to new introductory courses in the digital film making & VFX and design thinking and digital communications.
Media, communication and information are at the centre of debates about the future of the world we live in, and how we connect with it. The past year has been one of consolidation and growth for Jagran School of Journalism and Communication. On one side the School was able to strengthen its processes while on the other the foundation to expand was laid. A major effort which got underway was upgrading and expanding the studio suites at the school. From the content perspectives, deeper conversations around new media and technology were initiated.
Behaviour change and action underpin these solutions. Journalism, Media and Communication are the key drivers of behaviour change. Through a progressive curriculum, students at JSJC, learn the skills they need to succeed in the new media environment, whether they pursue careers in journalism, advertising, public relations, Filmmaking, Animation or other communications fields. The school offers specializations in Broadcast Journalism, Print Journalism and other key communication spaces including well-crafted UNICEF content around Communication for development, editing and graphic design, multimedia, photojournalism, and strategic communication.
The curriculum at Jagran School of Journalism and Communication
With the goal of preparing students to be the leaders in journalism’s digital reinvention, we revised the curriculum – breaking down walls between print, broadcast, photographic and online journalism, and between skills and content buckets. Students take courses in digital marketing design and development, web and mobile communication, database reporting, data visualization, social media and multimedia storytelling. They can learn how to write for online audiences, how to think like media entrepreneurs and how to experiment with the next generation of technology: virtual reality augmented reality, sensors and more.
The cornerstone of our curriculum is the famed practice based pedagogy and well-appointed high tech audio, video, design thinking, photography, drawing, animation & graphics studios and production facilities. Here, students experience insightful journalism and communication management in a Multimedia environment. The School is a member to various industry and academic bodies like Film Society, PRCI & PRSI, Advertising Clubs, FMPCCI, International Communication Association, International Association of Mass Communication Research, Press Clubs etc. These associations mean that our programmes are industry integrated, backed by relevant faculty and forward-thinking curriculum (and the technology to support it) which prepare our students for the journalism world of today and tomorrow.
Department of Design and Digital Media Technologies
We at Jagran School of Journalism and Communication are in sync with the monumental changes sweeping the digital landscape in media and communication.  To mentor our students ride this contour, we have a specialized center within our school that focuses and runs programmes on digital design, new media technologies, films, VFX and fine arts. All these have smoothly meshed in the overarching offerings of JSJC.
Excellent Internships & Professional Opportunities
We have a strong track record of placing students in top internships and launching graduates into choice jobs across the media landscape. The solutions to many of society’s critical problems are rooted in interaction, participation in information networks and processes of civic engagement. Societal Opportunities include the achievement of healthy people and communities; maintaining a thriving democracy and useful public policy; preparation of new generation of leaders; creation of humane, productive, and empowering organizations; and development of individual skills, self-understanding and personal fulfilment.
Diverse Opportunities to thrive
JSJC provides countless opportunities, both on and off-campus.
On-Campus: JSJC is a leader in journalism and media studies, providing a programme of study that balances a multimedia foundation with an individual focus. The School’s committed faculty strive to pass on their expertise to aspiring communicators and media professionals, helping them to think critically and creatively to see new opportunities. There are on-campus media outlets including Radio, TV broadcasting and various student-led clubs to provide professional experience, networking and engagement with peers.
Off-Campus: Bhopal and Central India is a center of arts, politics, media and business. There are always new experiences to gain in Central India’s diverse, news-rich community. Students hit the ground running by learning and working in one of the country’s most vibrant journalism markets. There are always new stories to uncover and professional opportunities to pursue. JSJC has created an apex industry advisory board comprising of journalism, communication, media and management leaders across India and globally, who guide and mentor JSJC students across programmes on diverse issues including industry integration.
Student-led CLUBS
The pedagogy at JSJC actively involves our students in the learning process through discussion, group work, hands-on participation, and applying information outside the classroom. This process defines experiential learning where students are involved in learning content in which they have a personal interest, need, or want. JSJC students develop critical thinking, use creativity, and employ multiple communication strategies while applying their skills to real-world problems.
As an outgrowth of the Curricular Innovations strategic plan, JSJC works collaboratively across university Schools and Centers of Excellence to create sustainable, relevant, student-centered, research-based programming which utilizes experiential learning, both in and out of the classroom to promote and sustain student’s academic success. Being a part of student groups and developing connections around India define our students’ time here. There are over ten student-run clubs to choose from, along with the freedom to start a new organization. From debates and incubators to the performing arts and social change, our students live multi-dimensional University experiences.
JSJC Student Media Outlets
JSJC: Where real and academic world converge
Years back we are setting our clear vision and embarked on a path to be the best. And we knew that to reach that position we would have to initiate thinking in different fields of media education, engage in powerful conversations about the future of journalism and communication and work to dive deep into various action research projects. Jagran School of Journalism and Communication has a star-studded industry academic Board that acts as a compass to our North Star.
Cutting Edge Multi-Media Studios at JSJC
Theory and practice are integrated into all areas of study both at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The students learn how to produce, evaluate and manage media content for traditional and emerging media in a variety of genres, including information (news and documentary), music, comedy, sports, drama, and commercial and non-commercial persuasion campaigns.
They study institutions that create, distribute and investigate media products (e.g., production studios, television and radio networks and audience measurement companies) and learn how to create and operate successful media businesses. Media Studies & Production students learn to think purposefully and critically about media and examine media roles in history, culture and society from many perspectives.
They also learn how to act ethically as they interact with the world both in careers in media institutions and as media consuming and producing citizens. To keep up with the rapid advances in technology, the Jagran School of Journalism and Communication’s studio hardware and software are updated on a yearly basis. This ensures that our graduating students are proficient with the latest industry standards as they head into the workplace.
The above practicum aspects of the study are carried out at Multimedia Newsroom, full-fledged video recording and production studio, Print Media Technology suites, Photography lab, Audio Suite, Editing, VFX & Animation bays and Design studios at JSJC.
Radio broadcast station and mega display gallery provide brilliant industry grade opportunities to students
The flagship events of JSJC: JLU International Festival of Media & Shri Gurudev Gupta Endowment Lectures
JLU International Festival of Media is a global Celebration of Journalism, Media, Communication & Culture designed to help professionals, academicians, researchers and student communities and individuals to spark conversation and connection on various themes anchored in Media, Communication and Journalism. Similarly, Shri Gurudev Gupta Endowment Lectures examine the global opportunities available & challenges facing society, and the role of media and communication in meeting these challenges. The series, delivered by distinguished speakers, focuses on the contribution that academia and practitioners, particularly in media and communication, can make to understanding and addressing these global challenges. 
As we approach the new academic year 2018-2019, newer, higher and more exciting things are on the anvil. The biggest of them all is the opening of world-class studio suites and creative spaces along with some career-defining partnerships and programmes.
My students are already making a mark not only on national levels but on international platforms as well. It can only get better. My vision for the Jagran School of Journalism and Communication is simple. We need to continue ensuring it is an uplifting & inspiring place for students, researchers, practitioners and faculty to study, research and collaborate. We need to ensure that our students and faculty are happy and they consistently get the best possible thinking and the outstanding creative knowledge and practice they come for.
My thanks to Lakecity Brew team for inviting me here.

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