From the Director’s Desk : JLU School of Commerce and Economics


Commerce and Economics field has today gained key place in the global environment. Trends like e-banking, e-commerce, online marketing etc., have made enormous impact on the business environment. The wings of study of Commerce and Economics thus have spread beyond imagination. Commerce also looks at the various issues from social welfare’s perspective. Socio-economic problems and macro-micro businesses are fast increasing in number and urgency. Commerce means all those human activities which are undertaken with the object of earning one’s living and on the other hand business is an economic activity that can be defined as the regular production or purchase and sale of goods undertaken with the object of earning profits.  The various programs of School of Commerce and Economics is designed to expose students to various subjects having applications in business, commerce and trade through outcome based teaching and learning process which emphasizes on practical exposure rather than only on theory. The internships and projects in the area of accounting, financial services, banking, community services, economics, being part of the curriculum, the program certainly provides students the experience of practical exposure in working environment. Several add- on courses in different areas of commerce like business analytics, spread sheet modeling, simulations etc bring added advantages to students. A variety of activities such as case studies, seminars, interaction with industry experts, cultural activities and social activities are in place to promote the all-round development of the students. There are a large number of student clubs which help in channeling a student’s energy into self-development, extra-curricular learning and social service. School of Commerce and Economics team has created a promising environment for the students to achieve best education and over all development.
Dr. Vinay Joshi
Director, School of Commerce and Economics
Jagran Lakecity University Bhopal

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