From the Dean’s desk: Dr. Nilesh Khare, Dean Jagran Lakecity Business School, Exe Education and Head IQAC Prof. Of Strategy.

From the Dean’s desk: Dr. Nilesh Khare, Dean Jagran Lakecity Business School, Exe Education and Head IQAC Prof. Of Strategy.


I have interacted with Lakecity Brew Readers before, it is my pleasure to do so again.

What makes a business school internationally benchmarked in quality education?

Programme design, syllabi, pedagogy, experiential learning, committed and engaged faculty and students, rich conversations and experiences, and executive functioning skills that students can walk away with. Not only just a degree, or the first job from campus, but also the ability to learn and build a career and succeed in life whether as a manager, leader, or an entrepreneur.

I am delighted to share with Lakecity Brew readers that Jagran Lakecity Business School has been on the path to be internationally benchmarked in quality management education.

You would be proud to know that:
• We bring international quality content, experience and pedagogy.

o Our newly revamped curricula and partnerships with Harvard Business Publishing (HBP), access to HS talk video series, E&Y and Wadhwani Foundation’s National Entrepreneurship Network brings world-class content and allows our classroom to be flipped.

o HBP, E&Y, Wadhwani foundation also offers an opportunity to earn add on certificates. For example, students in MBA and BMS programmes can earn course completion certificate in up to 6 courses from HBP.

o Last semester our MBA and BMS students had business simulation from a world’s leading firm ( as a part of their strategy class. This adds to the virtual experience in managing a business, forming guiding policies, collaborating in a team of managers, and taking decisions. We will soon have a workshop from AIMA on another simulation.

•    Our academic partnerships are strengthening our global quotient.  

o We have expanded our professional partnerships and offerings. In addition to BBA Honours (Strategic Finance) in association with CMA, USA, we now bring BBA Honours (Accounting) with ACCA of UK (a body similar to ICAI in India).

o Our efforts are paying off. We are in the final stages of a partnership with California Baptist University (CBU), LA, USA

 CBU has agreed to offer our UG students’ access to admission to 1 year accelerated MBA, or 2-year programme leading to MBA. This admission will not require either GRE or GMAT. It will simply be based on English Proficiency tests, performance at JLBS and, admission norms at CBU.

 Please note that usually, it requires 4 year UG degree for PG admission in the USA.

 There are other universities in the US, and other countries including in Dubai, UAE that are currently under consideration for similar tie-ups. 

o Similarly, ACCA will offer waiver in 6 courses, and further progress with ACCA courses will lead eligible candidates on a path to not only ACCA qualification but also to a PG from the UK.

• Choice based credit system now allows MBA and BMS students to earn specialization, or a combination of majors and minors across HR, Finance, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and soon Business Analytics.

• We have improved our industry interaction; CXO visits and access to them is more frequent now.

• We will also begin to offer MBA and PG Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Family Business in evening/weekend the only mode.

• Our enhanced partnership within JLU will bring joint programmes with Hospitality School and elective courses from Media school.

• Our faculty colleagues have been preparing on the material recently included in the programme. Some come from institutes of national repute. Faculty also have a pool of international faculty ready to mentor them. Indeed as I write this we are gearing up to host a German Professor who would teach with us for 15 days in February.

• Last but not the least we are increasingly getting to hear from recruiters who are willing to visit us, and offering better jobs and starting to our students.

But most importantly our culture is shaping up in the direction that makes international quality. All our key stakeholders—students, faculty, University administration, and parents— understand and seem more committed to a higher bar on academic rigour and quality, collaboration, transparency and fairness.

We are not alone in this journey; we get tremendous support from JLU community, fellow JLU schools, and management. Enthusiasm and understanding that JLBS community—students, parents, staff and faculty— bring every day is our strength. I am personally grateful to everyone and continue to count on your feedback, support and guidance.

JLBS has travelled some distance and has miles to go. Given the support, understanding, conviction, enthusiasm and passion, I am sure we all will make JLU proud.  
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