Alumni Speaks: Arham Elyas Khan

Alumni Speaks: Arham Elyas Khan

It is not too hard to overstate the meaningful contributions that Jagran Lakecity University has made to enhance my personality. I had an opportunity to be with the best professors who have made profound contributions both in and out of the classroom. The entire faculty has a nuanced and sophisticated understanding of the corporate trends and events. I will always be obliged to Dr. (Prof.) Vivek Khare who has been a constant support to me throughout my college time and without whom things would have been difficult.

The leadership and management skills that I had learned in this college directly correlate with situations that I experience while working as a professional today in one of the leading multinational companies in building material.

The MBA program offered here provides a platform to study many different leadership theories and also provides an opportunity for self-reflection and a true understanding of one’s own leadership style. Doing MBA from Jagran Lakecity University has changed the way I view the world. The skills and experiences that are acquired throughout the program give students the mindset and confidence to face any difficult situation that they might encounter in future.

Studying at Jagran Lakecity University has enabled me to develop better time management skills and developing a greater understanding of my own leadership style. Understanding how to put theoretical practices into everyday situations has been one of my strongest points.

I have many entrepreneurial aspirations including starting up my own business in the future. The program has provided me with the entrepreneurial tools that are necessary to understand unique selling points and competitive advantages that are essential in establishing a sustainable business.
Arham Elyas Khan
MBA (Marketing) Batch 2017
Jagran Lakecity University

Currently working as,
Assistant Manager,
Corporate Business Development,
H & R Johnson Ltd. 

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