2nd JLU International Festival Of Media 2018

2nd JLU International Festival Of Media 2018


A global Celebration of Journalism, Media, Communication & Culture was curated & hosted by Jagran School of Journalism and Communication on 26th October 2018 at Jagran Lakecity University. The gala turned out to be a huge success where in-depth discourse on Journalism, Media & Communications were held connecting scholars & practitioners with diverse backgrounds and approaches. Being an area of insights, ideas and influence, it had wider meanings related to overarching aspects of human growth as well.

Brimming with talent and potentials of filmmakers, brand marketers, journalists, media professionals, and civil society, it was a sight to behold adding on to the insights shared by each orator revealing tried & tested methods of their fields and lessons learnt the hard way. As entertaining as it sounds, every word uttered by these professionals was laced with knowledge & experience.

The theme of this year’s festival of media was “Dialogues for Change 4.0: How contemporary Media, Journalism and Communication are influencing Behaviors, Attitudes and Actions.”  The session began with Ms Ambika Agarwal, Founder,  A-Cube Project, Columnist & TEDx speaker pronouncing her journey and lessons learnt along the way leading to the success of ‘A-Cube Project’. As amusing as it was to listen to her narrate her epic story; from changing careers and landing in the event business, it made every person seated there nod in affirmation and filled with an urge to perform better.

Followed by Session 2 on “Telling true stories in turbulent times” by experts like Dr.Aashish Joshi, Editor-in-Chief & CEO Lok Sabha Television, Ms.Ira Trivedi, Journalist, Columnist, Writer and Shri. Abhishek Dubey  National Channel Advisor;  Prasar Bharti Board and former Sports Editor Network 18 on helping narrative journalists to strengthen their craft skills, puzzle out the complex ethics of intimate journalism, and impart the down-to-earth humanity approach, meaning collaborating with other journalists across the world, developers for triggering dialogue and catalyzing social impact through the news.

Session 3 covered, “Brands and their worldview and how it impacts change” where the expects of prominence were; Mr.Kunal Sinha, Executive Director – Kantar Advisory and Mr Prem Narayan Chief Strategy Officer, Ogilvy India. The review was majorly based on how it’s no longer about relying on governments or institutions to set the standard for behaviour and principles, but brands which are making a personal stand in everyday life. They are increasingly addressing a real problem or issue in the world and are serious about social impact along making a difference in the world and this isn’t just a marketing campaign.

Session 4 was all about ” “Rebuild-How brands in India overcame a crisis and emerged stronger, better and wiser” a debut book by Ms Ramya Ramamurthy: former senior journalist at CNBC TV18, Producer Storyboard magazine show & documentary maker for Star World and National Geographic. 

Followed by the last discussion for the evening, session 5 on “Virtual world, Real Lives: The stories from the new society” the honoured speakers, Mr Neelabh Banerjee, National Creative Director, RIL & a well-known cartoonist and Mr Mayur Sethi, Partner & CMO, WittyFeed where the   key points of discussion were how digital content and its all-pervasiveness has changed the way consumers behave. Its impact on the Future of News in a hyper-connected world as well how entertainment has been democratized by the audience-driven content in the non-news space.

After the gratifying valedictory session by Shri Hari Mohan Gupta, Hon’ble Chancellor, Jagran Lakecity University and Shri Rajiv Mohan Gupta, Editor Dainik Jagran, Bhopal, the mob gathered for the Inauguration of “Shri Gurudev Gupta Media Production Studios” which was inaugurated by Shri Rajiv Mohan Gupta and Shri Hari Mohan Gupta in the presence of all the prominent guests and staff, culminating the gala in an entranced ambience.

To add laurels to its ongoing legacy, “Shri Gurudev Gupta Media Production Studios” is spread in the area of 20,000 Sqft. It is the university’s constant endeavour to explore new horizons and avenues for students so that academics can be elevated & escalated accordingly. To make studies more interesting and jobs more feasible, the studios have been set-up according to industry standards as competition is growing and to excel in the field one has to be updated as per the industry demand.

This Studio is being facilitated with top notch equipment and gadgets with the latest configuration along with the state of art infrastructure, which goes as follows:

  • Video Recording & Production Studio
  • Video Production Control Room
  • Display Gallery
  • The Theatre – 72 Seater
  • Video Edit Bays
  • 8 Edit Bays
  • High-End Edit Bay 
  • Animation & VFX Bay
  • Audio Recording Suite
  • Audio Production Master Control Suite
  • Radio Broadcasting Station
  • Network Server Room
  • Huddle up Room 1
  • Huddle up Room 2
  • Print Media & Design Suite
  • Printer Room
  • Photography Studio
  • Equipment Hiring and Materials Terminal
  • Green Room

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