Serve Strong. Dig Fierce. Spike Hard. ‘Inter-House Volleyball Tournament’ 2018-19

Serve Strong. Dig Fierce. Spike Hard. ‘Inter-House Volleyball Tournament’ 2018-19


Somewhere behind the athlete, you’ve become, and the hours of practice and the coaches who have pushed you is a little kid who fell in love with the game and never looked back. Play for that kid. With tremendous zest and vigour, Jagran Lakecity University hosted an ‘Inter-House Volleyball Competition’ from 30th-31st January 2019 to stress on the importance of sports in students’ lives and how it can inculcate discipline for personality development.

The Houses; Lakecity Lions, Lakecity Sharks, and Lakecity Hawks put in a remarkably robust performance to provide nail-biting entertainment and cutthroat tactics in a two-day event. Played on a knock-out basis, ‘Lakecity Hawks’ emerged as ultimate victors in both Men & Women category held between all the three houses.

The matches were strictly organized on the rules of the respective federations commences with inter-house matches, followed by league matches and then the finals. Results accord as follows:

Lake City Hawks V/S Lake City sharks –
Set 1 = 15 – 9
Set 2 = 15 – 7
Winner – LakeCity Hawks

1st Match – LakeCity Sharks V/S LakeCity Lions-
Set 1 = 11-15
Set 2 = 9 – 15
Winner – LakeCity Lions

2nd  Match – LakeCity Hawks V/S LakeCity Sharks-
Set 1 – 15 – 11
Set 2 – 15 – 13
Winner – LakeCity Hawks

Final Match-
Lakecity hawks V/S LakeCity Lions
Set 1 – 25 – 18
Set 2 – 25 – 21

Winner – LakeCity Hawks

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