“Reflection on my Internship experience & the lessons I learnt”, Aadya Jaroliya, B.A LL.B (Hons) VI Semester, JLU School of Law.

“Reflection on my Internship experience & the lessons I learnt”, Aadya Jaroliya, B.A LL.B (Hons) VI Semester, JLU School of Law.


I’m pleased to share that this experience expanded the foundation of my ambitions. The practicalities of a law firm, the education required, and the etiquette that should always be displayed were a couple of the things that I learned. Most importantly, in this position, my lifelong goals were affirmed.

Working under honourable Chief Justice Hemant Gupta in Principle Seat of Madhya Pradesh High Court enabled me to understand various aspects of being a successful judge as well as an advocate. The first thing I realized was the trick of communicating things to others. Whereas on the other hand I also played the role of multi-tasker and there I met with the pros and cons of working with my court seniors. Accepting that I faltered while performing a few of my duties, regardless my seniors apprised me with the art of getting work done in court. It’s not just about working hard but rather working smart.

On the last day of my internship, I was honoured to meet Justice Hemant Gupta, as I was under his surveillance. He appreciated my work and also admonished for my errors. He marked his meeting by saying, “Every case has a different experience. It’s all about what you learn from it and how you deal with it.” I recollect his words whenever I start working on a new case.

Talking about professional endeavour this experience prepared me in a number of ways from court etiquette to working on a deadline and gaining knowledge from hands-on training and plenty more. I have learnt how a court of Chief Justice operates, who oversees what and how to network with different departments.
Finally, I would like to share with aspiring interns that always be passionate about the work you’ve been assigned. Make sure to be calm and composed while meeting the deadlines. Keep a positive attitude and be pleasant while greeting. Do not hesitate to raise a question or voice your opinion because it will show your willingness to learn and adapt.
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