National Roundtable Meet on ‘Nurturing an Ecosystem for Social Impact’

National Roundtable Meet on ‘Nurturing an Ecosystem for Social Impact’


Jagran Lakecity University organized a Round Table consultation of experts, practitioners, policymakers, civil servants, academicians, and NGOs, on “Nurturing an Ecosystem for Social Impact”. The aim of the Round Table consultations was to discuss and deliberate on the potential of public policy and CSR as drivers of Social Change and the multifarious nature of the domains of public policy and CSR. The deliberations pointed to the way ahead, conceptually and operationally, and called for deep thinking and updating policies that are evidence-based and impactful along with the periodic reviews of status and progress vis-à-vis global benchmarks. It also indicated areas where new policies will enable the State to better cater to the needs of citizens from all levels.

JLU also formally launched two major Centres within the university viz JLU Centre for Public Policy & Governance and JLU Centre for Excellence in CSR.  The key vision of these Centres is to promote high-quality teaching and research in the fields of CSR, Public Policy, Governance and Administration. 

Speaking as a panellist during the plenary session, Shri Hari Mohan Gupta, Chancellor Jagran Lakecity University said “Clearly India must do its part in creating mechanisms that lead to a more equitable social impact on people. Thus Public Policies and CSR initiatives by corporate and Society needs to be credible and sound and entail a roadmap to achieve the goals. With this roundtable and the launch of Centres, JLU intends to focus on citizen-centric public policy and CSR research and education”.Well known experts and leaders like Mr Manish Shanker Sharma, IPS Additional Director General of Police, Mr Manu Srivastava, IAS, Principal Secretary, Renewable energy and Commercial Tax, Ms.Veena Bandyopadhyay, Social Policy Specialist, UNICEF, Mrs Maya Maheshwari, IRS Faculty, RCVP, Bhopal, Dr Alok Misra, Professor, MDI, Gurgaon, Dr Y Suresh Reddy, Lead CSR and Director, SRF Foundation, Dr Neelam Gupta, President, AROH Foundation, Shri Satya Prakash Mangal, Director, NHPC,  and Dr Vineeta Dutta Roy

, Associate Professor and Head CSR, BIMTECC spoke around various thematic tracks like  ‘Mainstreaming the marginalized through education’, ‘Shifts in the public relations to the policymaking process’, ‘Imperatives of Public Policy in the age of social media’ Citizen centric Administration topic: Accessibility, Accountability and Transparency  and Impact Driven CSR: Innovative, Collaborative and Sustainable

The credo of Jagran Lakecity university ‘Igniting Minds changing Lives’ came alive through this roundtable meet where possibilities of bringing a change was explored.  The panel came up with many exciting ideas as to how we can progress with the mechanism of Public Policy and CSR.  

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