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Market Wizard


JLBS Marketing Club “MARKET WIZARDS” organized a series of learning and engaging activities namely– Logo Revamp, Go Green with Sparkling Faces and Branding with Diwali.The objective was to involve students to think more critically on various marketing concepts broadening their intellectual horizons. Almost 75 students from MBA, BMS, and BBA enthusiastically participated in their creative approach. Let’s give a quick read to all the activities.

Logo Revamp – The task was to redesign the logo of an existing brand. 30 Students accepted the challenge and recreated the logo of Fevicol spontaneously showing their creativity and innovation skills. Prof. Nikhil Maheshwari and Dr. Dinesh Kumar evaluated the students on the parameters of Creativity, Uniqueness, and Relevance. Prachi Singh Rajput (BBA III B) and Anjali Bhindia (BBA III B) secured the first prize whereas Sapna Soni (BBA III-A) and Sumaiya Rehman (BBA III-A) won the second prize.

Go Green with Sparkling Colors– The activity was a face painting competition with the “eco-friendly marketing” theme. A triumphant performance was delivered by 25 students of the JLBS. Dr. Ashish Khare and Prof. Swechcha Sharma judged the winning team as Muskan Sheikh (BBA III B), Anaiza Khan (BBA III B) and Sachi Badkul (BBA III B) and the runner-up team was Srabani Sarkar (BMS III), Ritika Parihar (BMS III) and Madhulika Patel (BMS III).

Branding with Diwali– The participants were given the task of designing a creative Diwali campaign. It was intended to connect students with creativity, making a strong brand recall and promotion of products and services. About 30 students participated in a team of 5 each. Dr. Ankush Sharma and Dr. Shekhar Upadhyay judged the winning team as Chaitali Batham (BBA III-A), Shivani Raikwar (BBA III-A), Parshvi Pahuja (BBA III-A) and Aditya Khatri (BBA III-A) and the runner-ups were Tayyaba Farooqi (BMS I B), Aditi Singh (BMS I B), Archi Jain (BBA III B), Acheentya Verma (BBA III-A).

Dean JLBS Dr. Nilesh Khare was specially present to motivate the students and appreciated the concept and the activities congratulating all the winners and participants.

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