Eufloria: A hand on flower arrangement

Eufloria: A hand on flower arrangement


Jagran Lakecity University, School of Hospitality and Tourism, Bhopal organized “Eufloria: A hand on flower arrangement” workshop for B.Sc Hospitality & Hotel Administration, Master of Tourism & Travel Management students on 19 February 2019.

Students presented beautiful Rangolis with the floral theme, showcasing their creativity. Artificial Bouquet making and Thali decoration caught the attention of judges with handcrafted flowers, stunning colour combination & attractive patterns. The highlight of the event proved to be the face painting, where students presented eye illusion with a double face, tiger art, religion, boundaries, ecosystem etc. Teams from IHM Bhopal & Hamidia College also participated.

The Winner and Runner up for all events are as follows:
Runner Up
Floral Rangoli
Ashta Bari, Bhavya Khatiyar(IHM)
Ananya Nair, Vishal Dubey (SoHT)
Artificial Bouquet
Areesha Sharma(SoHT)
Megha Dandwani(SoHT)
Thali Decoration
Neelshi Sharma(SoHA)
Mansi Negi (SoHT)
Face Painting
Vaidehi Kelkar, Sonali  (SoEd)
Rahul (Hamidia College), Rehman(SoHT)

The flower arrangement technique is a much-needed skill for any Hospitality Graduate.  Its contribution towards a positive guest experience cannot be overlooked. Session II started with a welcome address by Director, School of Hospitality and Tourism Prof. Nafees Haider Naqvi. He welcomed Ms. Suman Bhandari, Executive Housekeeper, Courtyard by Marriott who enlightened the students about Hospitality and Hotel trends. She bestowed her experience regarding the hotel industry and had an interactive session with the students to flourish industry trends. Mr. Mohit Saini was called a Skill Expert to demonstrate the floral techniques to the students.
The students tried to replicate the magic created by the expert. The participants enjoyed the exposure to this wide array of floral arrangements. Ms. Pragati Kelkar, the faculty for the Room Division, explained the practical use of these arrangements in the day-to-day operations of a hotel.

Types of flower arrangement shown were:

Flower Bouquet – This beautiful flower basket is kept as an amenity in the room. It is also used as a gift for the loved ones.

Chocolate Flower Basket – A perfect birthday gift.

Ikebana – Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arrangement. It is more than simply putting flowers in a container. It is a disciplined art form in which the arrangement is a living thing. In Ikebana, nature and humanity are brought together.

Oval Flower Basket – Beautiful flower arrangements which are used as a centrepiece on banquet furniture, restaurant buffet area.

A Handheld flower bouquet – Ideal for gifting on any occasion.

Triangular Arrangement– Best suits for restaurants and side tables.

Crescent Arrangement– For guest rooms and entrance.

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