En Su Punto: Mexican Food Festival at JLU School of Hospitality and Tourism

En Su Punto: Mexican Food Festival at JLU School of Hospitality and Tourism


Bringing a little piece of Mexico in the heart of Bhopal, the JLU School of Hospitality and Tourism organized their annual food festival ‘En Su Punto’ on 28th March 2018. Mexican being the theme, as many as 27 Mexican delicacies were served to the guests at live counters. The dishes included everything starting from Pasole to Fajita to Quesadilla to Chicharrones with Hot Sauces, Soups, and Fresh Mexican Desserts prepared by amazingly talented and aspiring chefs of School of Hospitality and Tourism in a traditional Mexican set up & décor. The event had live music to lighten up the mood for the afternoon and was attended by many dignitaries including Prof. (Dr.) Anoop Swarup, Vice Chancellor, Jagran Lakecity University, Mr. Abhishek Mohan Gupta, Pro Chancellor, Jagran Lakecity University and Dr. Saumya Dwivedi.
Some of the main attractions were

Burritos– a Mexican dish consisting of a tortilla rolled round a savory filling, typically of minced beef or beans.
Fajita– is any grilled meat that is served as a taco on a flour or corn tortilla.
Pasole – is a traditional soup or stew from Mexico, which once had ritual significance.
Salsa– an Italian sauce made with olive oil, garlic, capers, anchovies, vinegar or lemon juice, and parsley served with grilled meat.
Veggie Quesadilla   is flour tortilla filled with cheese, squash blossoms, or a spicy mixture, then folded and deep-fried.

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