5 years of JLU : Foundation Day Celebration

5 years of JLU : Foundation Day Celebration


The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step….

Five years back, when the foundation of Jagran Lakecity University was laid, no one in their wildest dreams had imagined it becoming Central India’s Global University. If not for the vision of the exemplary leaders administering the University, it would not be half as magnificent as it is. The very building blocks of JLU were laid with the aim of giving back to the society in the form of excellence. Today, the place that stands out making its own mark at the heart of India was merely a sketch a few years back.

Looking back, the journey for JLU from a University to Central India’s Global University has been full of ups and downs. In the hindsight, it is probably the hardship that has enabled the University its stand where it is today. It has also been bestowed upon with various prestigious awards as the recognition of the great work that JLU has been doing for the past five years. Here is a look at the most cherished moments.

Having experienced such tremendous growth in such a short span, a grand celebration was long overdue. The eve of 24th April 2018 witnessed a compilation of the milestones along the five years. Many dignitaries from all over India became a part of the celebration where many new initiatives and partnerships by JLU were introduced. The University has recently formed a Leadership Advisory Board, the members of which were introduced during the celebration. The JLU Leadership Advisory Board will compromise a group of young leaders representing the business, political, academic, government and development sectors who will provide thought leadership and strategic advice to the University’s Governing Body to shape the future direction of the university.
The true spirit of Jagran Lakecity University lies on constantly thriving for excellence, last five years have contributed immensely into the structuring of educational grounds as they are today at JLU. With such enthusiasm, the future of the University is undoubtedly bright.

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