Air Show: Pattern, Scale & Airplane!


“Talent has no boundaries and no age”. Talent is a natural ability to do something. Someone sings well with no formal training. Another person plays an instrument by ear. One can speak effortlessly in public where another person connects easily with children. Our talents are the things we do well without working hard. They foster a sense of satisfaction, pride and accomplishment. Our talents serve one of the many gifts we have to share with the world. Talents are designed to take us to far off places, help us build relationships and increase our value and worth. The ways in which our talents can be used seems to have no end-no boundary! Meaning they weren’t created with limitations. 

Orbiting around such vision students of JLU School of Engineering & Technology, B. Tech 1st year, Madhusudan Manware and Kapil Chouhan designed and demonstrated their RC (Radio Control) profile plane named F-22 RAPTOR. Using 2.4 GHz 4 channel transmitter leading up to the top speed of 100 to 120 kmph, this plane is made up of a depron sheet which is fundamentally used in making interior or a soundproof room. Taking in details, the students have used 2200KV brushless motor, 40ESC (electric speed controller) and 2200mAh 3 cell lithium polymer battery. Ideally can be used for surveillance and other racing competitions.

This year, both of our bright students, Madhusudan Manware and Kapil Chouhan are participating in Boeing competition in Techfest 2018-2019 which is the Asia largest Tech-Fest. Organised by IIT-Bombay the competition will be held on 14 to 16 December.

The AIR SHOW was conducted at Football ground, Mugaliachhap campus on 10th October 2018. On this occasion, Hon’ble VC Sir, Registrar, Dean, Director (JLU-SoET), Other Directors, Faculty Members, Staff and Students from different schools marked their presence, applauding and cheering in unison.
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