Celebrating the festival of Kites

Celebrating the festival of Kites

How can jagranites not sore high when it comes to flying kites! The campus pepped up to experience the competition ‘Kai Po Che’ where the students’ zeal and enthusiasm were showcased. After the prolonged holiday atmosphere which starts in December, the festival of Makar Sankranti is just another topping on the cake, but yes, with a bit of extra fun and frolic. 

The colorful satire of the university insists all to take a break and flow with the brisk breeze. The day carries positivity in its vibe and has a lot to offer – students enjoying leisurely in the sun with their cherished faculties supporting them.

This festival oozes certain energy and charm that cannot be ignored. Being a seasonal and religious observance, this festival marks new beginning to incorporate happiness, love, compassion in the balance as we all know ‘ a life devoid of balance would throw us off on a tangent, and we would go swinging away from the wheels of life’. 

The competition had four rounds which were judged by respected registrar Prof. Dr. Vivek Khare, Prof. Nafees Naqvi, Prof. Deevanshu Srivastava, and Ms. Ruchi.

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