JLU and ImaginXP collaborate to announce Design Programs in User Experience

Jagran Lakecity University, and India’s leading UX Design and Design Thinking certification organization, ImaginXP  have announced the start of 4-year Bachelor of Design and 2-year Master of Design in User Experience (UX) programs. Along with these two full-time programs, we are also introducing an industry-led certification program in Futuristic Design. The two full-time programs and the certification programs are specifically designed in collaboration with industry experts and allow students to work on real-life design problems with the industry. These courses will be taught by industry experts, practicing UX Designers, and experienced faculty in the field of UX Design. The content for these courses is designed keeping in mind the prevalent need of the industry. The course ensures the students get valuable experience and are readily employed by the end of the course.   

UX Design is the process of creating digital products by focusing on meaningful and personal experiences. It is a field that encompasses education in design and technology to bring out easy to use mobile apps, web products. They also create digital devices that integrate emerging new technologies such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, IoT, etc based apps. UX Designers focus on digitalization and designing digital products that are needed by all industry segments, including leading I.T. services, product and consulting organizations, financial services, banking, insurance, media, education, and hospitality industries. User Experience (UX) Design plays a big role in gaining customer loyalty to a brand and thus businesses are giving more attention to their UX Design Strategy. Jagran Lakecity University and  ImaginXP aims at bridging the gap of trained resources in this segment. The government’s emphasis on Digital India and the 100 smart city projects, has also resulted in an increased demand for highly skilled and creative digital roles, a need that can be met by UX Designers. 

These courses are open to students of all streams for graduate or post-graduate courses. To apply, the minimum eligibility score required is 50% in their 12th board exam or at graduation. Jagran Lakecity University will be providing this course in the newly launched Jagran School of Visual Art and Design. With a state of the art infrastructure, JLU is the perfect place for students to learn this world-class industry-led course in user experience. UX Design education is currently the most sought after field, and till now, it was taught only at institutes such as IIT and NID. With the right industry collaboration, Jagran Lakecity University is making this course available to their students, that too at a reasonable cost.