JLU collaborates with Toastmaster International

Jagran Lakecity University in collaboration with Toastmasters International hosted the biggest Division Conference of Toastmasters Division A. Toastmasters International is a 95-year-old non-profit organization building a growing community for people to grow individually as well as collectively in not only public speaking and leadership but also their personalities

The event was organized under the initiatives of the JLU Literary Club. The conference witnessed speakers and evaluators from the state of Gujrat and Madhya Pradesh, who kept the audience glued to their chairs with their extraordinary skills. The speakers laid emphasis on unleashing their creative potential, improving public speaking skills, building self-confidence, self-awareness and a lot more. They urged the students to yank out of their comfort zone and do something extraordinary. The event gave a gist of creativity in a way that tickled the bones and sparked an array of thoughts. The audience was bowled over by the level of creativity that came out when the participants got the opportunity to showcase their talent. JLU literary club strives to encourage and promote an interest in reading and understanding the aesthetic and moral beauty of the English language. Its mission is to create a fun, inclusive and stimulating atmosphere.