Igniting Mind Lecture Series by Prof. (Dr.) Peter Kuznick

Jagran Lakecity University, School of Law organized an Igniting Minds lecture by Prof. (Dr.) Peter Kuznick, Professor of History and Director, Nuclear Studies Institute at American University on October 15, 2019. Prof. Kuznick enlightened the gathering on ‘Armed threats in the present world scenario’. Peter Kuznizk and Oliver Stone co-authored the book titled 'The Untold Story of the United States'
He discussed America’s ‘Nuclear Posture View’ and policies of various USA Presidents on Nuclear Arms. He also talked about the future possibility of ‘Unipolar Era’ where he claimed that the USA will become the dictator of the world as it refuses to live in a multi-polar world. Prof. Kuznick examined the role of developing economies in policies related to nuclear arms.

He commented on the conflict in various parts of the world which is posing a threat of a nuclear outburst. He ended his speech addressing many environmental issues and raised his deep concerns over global warming and nuclear winter. Students got the opportunity to interact with Prof. Kuznick on contemporary geopolitical issues